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The Age of the Antichrist is a real era. Will Satan materialize and rule on Earth within a particular season? Can there be a season where Satan reigns without hindering ways? And will Yahweh yield and let Satan bring great destruction and abasement to every super nation, every world leader, and all world powers? The answer is yes. In this eight-part world-level message, Yahweh shares what is moving into the future. Not only will Satan reign on Earth for a time, but he will also see Grace bring power into the outlets of natural ways and produce a great soul harvest. Healing rooms, world-level shaking—all to prepare the world for the return of Christ.

This drawing is a depiction of the demon named Pure Evil. He is one of Satan's greatest demons in strength, carrying an evil surging opposite to the nature of the Great Holy Spirit. This demon is the one that tortures and works well with Murder. Both Murder and Pure Evil are generals (demon princes) in Satan's kingdom. Be warned of their influence.

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April 16, 2022

12:05 p.m.


YAHWEH is leading:


You sit in a room with demons surrounding you. All around you, the demons stay and watch this. But what is the way you were told to go? I wanted to show you what a strain of Pure Evil would look like. Let Me explain this to the people. Videos and movies give a taste of Pure Evil. There are literally levels of evil, where there are just tastes of how its nature goes out.


Imagine this: you watch a movie, and it is a PG-rated movie. There is a scene where they show an “off-scene” murder. It’s as if you watched a movie from the early 1930s or ‘40s, and the only part of death that is seen is the person lying on the floor, no blood showing, no wound on the body—just a body lying there. Your mind does not visualize the scene, nor are you tormented in your mind with seeing that scene play out over and over.


Servant, but what if it’s Pure Evil? How many levels of evil can spew through? What about Pure Evil? The demons surround you at this moment, yet there is a shield surging from your prophet’s mantle. You are under a heavy way of protection, and even in a situation as this, there is no power greater than My surging.


And as a prophet in Yahweh’s Kingdom, your power way is an extension from My hand. Your surging is literally connected to Me, and there is a shield, a surrounding in the spirit realm that is like a natural coating but spiritually based.


What is one main problem with My people? They say, “Yahweh must keep us safe because He promises to do so.” And yet they tempt Me with dare games: “Yahweh, if you’re real, You would let me view whatever I want and keep out all the bad nightmares. Satan isn’t as powerful, so I know I don’t have to worry about any torment. I’m a child of Yahweh.” And yet they do not look and see it: the human body is a territory, a place of land, or dust.


(17) And to Adam He said,


“Because you have listened to the voice of your wife

    and have eaten of the tree

of which I commanded you,

    ‘You shall not eat of it,’

cursed is the ground because of you;

    in pain you shall eat of it all the days of your life;

(18) thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for you;

    and you shall eat the plants of the field.

(19) By the sweat of your face

    you shall eat bread,

till you return to the ground,

    for out of it you were taken;

for you are dust,

    and to dust you shall return.”

—Genesis 3:17-19 ESV


YAHWEH continues:


The human body comes from the ground, servant. See how I am not letting you view what is playing? The eye gates are the most powerful outlet on the human body. Whatever nature enters your spirit through viewing it will greatly be an influence within your spirit. In a great deal of Hollywood movies, the scenes are covered with murder. The demon of murder is a heavily laced nature trait, a spirit surging under Satan’s kingdom that has laced every form of entertainment. People laugh off murderous acts, watching them with a glazed-over look to the point of being bored.


But what is the nature of Pure Evil? Many can take in an abusive act. They can watch someone punch someone over and over till there are broken bones. They can watch someone get mangled in a car accident or watch a hero firefighter or service member rescue that person in distress. They are able to stand by and watch people get tormented on social media in a “gentle” way until their conscience is seared.


But what is Pure Evil? A prince demon in Satan’s governing. This satanic government refers to worldly ways, not Yahweh’s Kingdom order, which overrules all when placed first. Servant, Pure Evil, is the literal opposite nature of the Spirit of Yahweh, the Great Way with you. See how the people can literally take in levels of surgings from Yahweh, yet those who engage in Satan’s nature can indeed taste levels of Pure Evil.


Someone may watch a movie that has someone lose an arm in an accident, and they view the gore. Some would see someone mutilated, and they can enjoy the scenes as if they are watching a Christmas holiday movie.


And yet some who are gentle in what they view, they can barely handle an off-scene murder. The eerie sounds and the dark scenes will be enough to bring trauma and sleepless nights. These are virgins in their way of Pure Evil. But then they taste an indoctrination ceremony through watching a horror movie that they feel will not be as bad as they think. They view Murder in the same range as Pure Evil, yet they are two very distinct traits.


Murder: The murder trait is the literal act of killing, to kill in any form by any method. Those who commit murder may use an object (device, instrument), a vehicle, or their bare hands. The objective is to take away the living plan. That is the goal of murder: to take life.


Pure Evil: Literally wants to destroy the temple (human body) through mutilative acts that cause torment. The torment comes in viewing a person being shredded apart, bled out, skinned, eaten, and so on. Whatever can bring a destructive action to the actual temple, the body. Satan’s goal is to destroy the body, but Pure Evil wants to bring the greatest torment within, and Satan uses entertainment to yield a taste of Pure Evil.


Satan uses Pure Evil in his reigning of torture on Earth through the natural antichrist man. And now, Satan is preparing the world by bringing a dulling of the conscience, making people enjoy watching others receive torment through watching it or dealing with it in their own bodies. People are killing people over road rage. Some are doing torment when they kill. Instead of just killing to kill, the wicked person takes a new level and puts in a strain of Pure Evil by stripping the flesh, cannibalism, or mutilation leading during the killing.


Pure Evil doesn’t want Yahweh to gain any glory in the human, and isn’t Scripture clear that the body of the believer is the temple of Yahweh? And this is why the entertainment world leads as an entryway to setting up the antichrist, the literal ways of how the nature surges.


Imagine the Church Era being called the season of Pure Evil, where everywhere you go, there are Christians hung up on a rack, alive still, while they are being skinned in front of a watching, cheering happily crowd of demon-filled mark-wearing worshippers of Satan. If the people would only see: the mark of the beast gives Satan an entryway, a rite of passage to take over their temple and seal them into eternity. Put the Scripture, servant.


(9) And another angel, a third, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, (10) he also will drink the wine of God's wrath, poured full strength into the cup of His anger, and he will be tormented with fire and sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. (11) And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever, and they have no rest, day or night, these worshipers of the beast and its image, and whoever receives the mark of its name.”

—Revelation 14:9-11 ESV


Yahweh continues:


Look at that, servant. Satan loves the action of cannibalism. Satan loves when people eat human waste. Satan wants to see a person self-mutilate. Satan wants people to mangle others, torture them and keep them living. Steal, kill, and destroy. And those who take the mark that Satan’s groomed image gives, they are doomed, a permanent sealing, even while living.


Pure Evil works with Murder. Murder is a steppingstone. And once Satan gains the people a conscience that is seared, Satan opens the doorway for a rite of passage, where people will accept any action on TV and say it is okay. And once the minds start to sync with a strain of Pure Evil—just a little taste —they can be slowly overturned.


I want to show you what is weakening the Church. See how you are writing? This is how they wrote Scripture. I know saying that will automatically place you as a heretic. But this is what an actual prophet does: say the Word of the Lord. Every prophet of old gave words from Yahweh’s mouth, a covenant that solidified what purpose Yahweh says. And yet people would say they are a prophet but carry no surging to speak My plan. So be it.


I will now show you why the real Church is powerless. In bold caps: A LACK OF READING THE WORD, MEDITATING ON SCRIPTURE. Put that Scripture here:


(1) I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. (2) Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

—Romans 12:1-2 ESV



May 28, 2020


There will be a season where Satan reigns on this earth with his demon-filled servant. You are ready to share this major eight-part message into the earth to shift the era to bring into natural living the Age of the Antichrist.


Who has a firm understanding of the way Satan will reign from the earth? No human living has that level of evil in their presentation. Without Satan’s general Pure Evil, there will not be a full revealing of Satan’s servant.


Even the worst evil leaders from throughout time—they have not given out Satan’s greatest level of his general named Pure Evil. Even now, Pure Evil gives his infiltration into the natural realm through various plans subtly overlooked.


It is time to give out Yahweh’s will concerning a new era scheduled to lead before the Church is removed into eternal living with King Jesus.

—Gabriel, an angel under Yahweh’s Kingdom



October 31, 2020


Yahweh Is Leading:


All religions will bow to Satan. Satan will make himself as a lower-case god for the people to worship. If you are Muslim, Christian, Jew, or any group, your religious ways will be removed during the Age of the Antichrist. All nations, all world powers, will be broken, and the world will bow down to Satan’s world leader.


And the demon named Pure Evil will push forward Satan’s agenda. Whatever movie you have seen that is filled with evil, imagine the greatest horrors lived out on film and in real living ways. Satan will not yield to any human.


Seersgate Is Leading:


There will be no way to escape, for demons will see you, and you will pay dearly, even if you serve Satan. No witch or warlock will have special privileges, including you, Satan’s bride. I know that you have sought me in my private living ways.


And the notice that I share is given to bring your followers a warning that no further visits are given in the old plan. Those naïve ones will one day see better.


Here is a more straightforward way to see how Satan will reign when Yahweh gives that way.


The Age of the Antichrist

Part One


Yahweh gives a look into the future:


Your heart should be broken. What can Yahweh bring on in the Age of the Antichrist but death to those who are in Yahweh? What is the Age of the Antichrist? Who has a firm grasp on the torment he will leash out upon the earth? Where does the evil flow out of?


Who has a firm grasp on Satan’s nature? Even those who serve Satan are blinded by the lies he tells as if he will be loving to those who give him allegiance.


What is the Age of the Antichrist? It’s where the Great Way gives Satan a time to reign without hindering ways. As I state that, your soul crumbles, and your whole way breaks because you taste of visions of the evil that will be loosed on this natural earth.


Where is God in the midst of the way of the Age of the Antichrist? He’s still leading people into the Kingdom of Yahweh, but a yielding will be given into the great way of tribulation, where it will be a time of great torture, slavery, and pure hatred and evil ways on the earth.


The Church Age would have ended. Millions and millions, removed from the earth. The buried dead raised up, and God’s way in His Church would be under His protection. The way of the antichrist is worse than any horrible nature a movie director/producer can present on film. Here is this taste of the Age of the Antichrist. Who will be able to stand?


There will be a way of materialization of Satan’s evil ways with his demons. They will appear a fleshly presentation and will rape, mutilate, and rip away human flesh just for fun. There will be a torture known as peel-a-part, where any sign of rebellion will have the punishment of seeing a loved one or friend skinned alive. No death will be granted in this form of punishment.


The devil wants to make humans beg for his love and will take their whimpering worship as a way to defy Yahweh. Satan cares nothing about the people. He only wants to steal, kill, and destroy.


When the Age of the Antichrist comes forward, no one can hide unless Yahweh blinds the force of evil. Imagine trying to hide from a force you cannot see with natural vision. Where can you run and hide? Without a mark of the beast, surely, you are treading on your last few days unless there is an intervention.


What plan should be expected of the Christian martyr? Beheading. That will seem like an easy way to death when it comes to the prospect of being skinned alive and still taking on years of living, with being continually skinned by Satan’s worshippers.


Cannibalism is a favorite treat of Satan, and eating the person while still living is fun to him.


Satan will not kill the human if he knows more worship will come from them while alive until he has exhausted their fleshly resources. Think about the way of these human leaders that most fear. They are weak and gentle in the way of the antichrist, who will bring all nations down and abase before him.


You had to be a woman and this world-level prophet to have a different presentation than Satan’s plan. You were raped by Satan and filled with a legion of demons, yet you are sane and not foaming at the mouth. Why? I did not give you over to the legion. If I did, they would have placed you in a mental facility or doped you up on antidepressants and suicide watch medication—all due to you viewing that mummy movie that gave a platform presentation to the demon named Set.


I warn you: you cannot let Satan into your territory on purpose. We here—Yahweh—must lead all spiritual engagement.


Demons—they can look human. They can depress, oppress, and bring a major possession. You are a human weapon who has forty angels in your Angelic Guard. There is a host of angels near in the heavenly realm who protect from unseen threats in nearby lands.


You will be what We have spoken, and there will be such a great surging flowing from you that the demons will cry out of the host as you come near their way.


Satan is making plans to send witches and warlocks to your current location so that he can learn of Our secret talks with you. There is such a great surging of My power flowing within your spirit that even now, people choose not to come close to your way.


We will move forward with presentation. This is no longer your way of duty training. The Houston plan is done with, and the return here was pushed so that your husband can find love with his family. I move within humans so that they can keep a governing platform on the earth. I do not need to release your husband from his home here.


There will now be Yahweh backing the whole world work. You must let the people know that now is the time to serve King Jesus and to renounce Satan. Death takes the human from natural living, and then eternity leads.


There is a three-year presentation period. Your three-year presentation starts on Christmas Day 2021. When the three years are done with, if you are still here in this old plan, I will remove you from your work for ten more years. And I will not grant a taste of My power in that removal phase.


Will you come under covenant with Yahweh and be in the settlement location, way before the end of the three years? When will I start a new plan of transition? Today. But today, We will say that Virginia is not the final hub way.


I want to show you more about the way Satan will lead in the Age of the Antichrist.


No one knows the strength that an archangel would have. Satan has power delegated from his creation. There is a great misconception with the churches. They think they can pretend that Satan is not real, and he will leave them alone. They have a blinded view, filtered in their way of culture and spiritual upbringing.


They choose to stand there and let Satan steal, kill, and destroy the work of their hands. They blame the Great Yahweh for every pain, suffering, or inflicted way.


You have seen Satan. You have dealt with Satan during many visits, but you have been sheltered from his true way. It would shock you greatly to deal with Satan in his true state. And that is the reason for the spiritual filters upon his nature.


I am sending you to the Hell to get the remaining portions of the report. I have to shelter you from the full presentation of the Hell so that you will not be in natural and spiritual sickness from the experience.


When Satan comes forward upon the earth without hindrance, he will be under his own plan within that time to take over and conquer. He will have human traits in presentation. He will be a materialized way, and they will worship him. The will of Satan will be to use the world as a playground.


Humans will be discarded as useless trash. Satan will bring every nation down and rule as if he is the one who gave every human breath to stay living. Every main nation will be abased. Great turmoil will lead during the Age of the Antichrist. The great divide of race will shift to a spiritual war, and those who win will yield and take the mark of the beast.


What movie today gives a clear showing of what the age of terror will be like? They give stories of humans fighting a mean human, but it should be clear they will be in a run for their lives against spirits that cannot be seen or heard. Satan will use his demons as his real weapon to shield himself.


What will Yahweh be doing during the Age of the Antichrist? Doesn’t Revelation state activities in Heaven? Aren’t major wars taking place? Isn’t the anger seen through natural signs with Yahweh’s mighty hand in that space of natural time?


Imagine a dog in a person’s yard, unchained, freely running in circles. And see how that same animal is unable to run around into any other area while under the owner’s territory. You can see how Satan runs around the earth, given a short leash to attack and spew out certain threats and poisonous plans upon the natural earth.


You are also aware that Satan and his demons torment those who died in their sins and sit in Hell, awaiting judgment that will doom them to the lake of fire. Where is Satan ruling from? Where is his actual throne? In the Hell, within the center of the earth.


And during the reign in the Age of the Antichrist, Satan will build up a powerful way of tyrant ways and will bring down every earthly ruler who opposes his plan to wage war against Yahweh. It is a building up to the moment when King Jesus stands on the Mount of Olives.


Satan actually thinks he will win with this plan in having the antichrist conquer for a season. Who will be able to stand in that terrible time? Who will willingly rebel against Satan when they know that unseen spirits will report their actions?


Who will take the plan of Kingdom citizenship with Yahweh when they can look at Satan, materialized and willingly bringing down whole nations with plagues and natural destruction?


These movies of today—they are inaccurate. They are pretending that the spirit realm doesn’t exist. They cannot fathom that their own way of living can be removed and replaced with a world leader who is of greater evil than any from the past.


Come under King Jesus now before it’s too late. Do not think that a ruler of this magnitude of evil will never be released. It is already all moving into ways to build Satan’s will with a removal of Kingdom culture and authority.


Isn’t Yahweh merciful to give a world-level prophet who has been trained for over thirty years in spiritual shifts? Isn’t the Great God I AM hearing the prayers of His people by sending a stream of great power that will bring His healing realm in glory potency here on Earth? Isn’t Yahweh faithful?


World Prophet Seersgate, build a way to walk in creative healing with the blue power stream that comes straight from the throne in Heaven. Bring the Kingdom of God into every realm and region. Bring Kingdom culture into every natural outlet. Share King Jesus with the world. You will now be removed from the hidden way.


We give great infiltration to build in this three-year presentation era. You must be in the new plan within the three-year presentation. And if you yield and stay in this old region, there will be a ten-year punishment. And with your world-level status, We will strip you of your work, of your mantle, and of all delegated authority and make you wander in Satan’s form of torment.


But you will not yield to Satan’s way of speaking through others. You must take a place in your position and be under Kingdom order.


You are ready to take your place. Build enough wealth to avoid dragging any with you. Let the work lead in your spirit. Let the world prophet see a level of the spirit realm that was previously kept hidden.


Let great followings take over. No more pretending to be a regular worker without a major work. You will never have a white picket fence living. There is great major warfare awaiting you.


You will take on training in Virginia and build up in various lands as We give them. You have a time to report in. You will do a great work. We will prepare you. Tell them about this new way. The Age of the Antichrist is real, and it will be a time of great terror.




November 21, 2021


Yahweh says it:


There are a lot of places where We would like to have a building-up plan, but the world doesn’t cater to a natural government. What will the world follow? There is a way to transfer My power into the whole world through one natural land. Didn’t Satan beg you not to move there?


The Age of the Antichrist

Part Two

Yahweh gives a look into the future:


I showed you how White families will be treated in the Age of the Antichrist. A person’s race will not carry merit during that horrible period. No human will be able to buy or sell with a false mark, as the movies proclaim.


Why is the way false with earthly movies? There is not just a mark on the body; there’s a spiritual possession in those who are sealed.


No one can fake the mark of the beast. It’s spiritual, and it will have a permanent sealing that is represented with an earthly mark on the right hand or the forehead. And Satan will know if they have the mark of the beast based on what spirit lives in the body of the one who is buying or selling.


The antichrist will carry great surgings of evil that will spew into the ones who claim their allegiance. Allegiance has a clear presentation based on how they submit to kingdom order in Satan. No one can fake it, being a part.


White families will not feel more special than any other family. Race will not matter. Only the way of religion will be what keeps that family alive.


What “god” is first in that person’s way—that will be weighed. A person’s age will not protect them either. What “god” is first in the people is weighed. I saw them walking in the walls, trying to escape. I saw them hiding in homes, trying to live just as if they are with the natural leader.


The Holocaust will look like a way of inconvenience compared to how the antichrist will lead over the masses. Every nation will be abased. There will not be any super nation. World power will be dissolved. How will the antichrist abase superpower nations? By spiritual warfare.


It’s not a battle of flesh and blood. It’s a major battle with spirits. Who will run and take cover from major plagues and wipeouts of nations from epidemics? Who can wage war against a demon with a level of power like an archangel when Yahweh gives a way?


Who can bring their level of power and say they will deliver the power when Yahweh gives no power? Who can stand up against Satan’s power without power from God? God will give Satan a season to trample over all living. There will be a great wailing in the earth where the way in torture will be surely great.


Who will be able to stand? Who can say they are delivered? Who will walk the local streets and tell anyone about the Great King Jesus when the Age of the Antichrist begins?


There will be a season of mercy in the Age of the Antichrist, where healing rooms are built, and God allows all who will come to take in His great healing. In that same way, where there is a breaking for the Church, rapture will lead, and all that will be here will be deep evil in the earth.


Even after I gave the order to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, I gave a way of escape by looking for at least ten righteous persons. I had to make Lot’s family leave that horrible will before the raining down of judgment. I had to make a plan of escape for Noah and his family when I gave the judgment to fill the earth with water.


I am declaring an Age of the Antichrist with this spirit shifting but will bring great mercy in the land with healing tabernacles. Will there be a season where the mercy ends? Yes, it will all come to an end, and the demon named Pure Evil will take center stage and give the spirit of the antichrist with deep surgings.


There are literally levels of evil.


You have seen Me explain it, with illustration, with how the movies are shifting to drink Pure Evil, in new levels. There is a lack of respect for human life, and these people of various ages are taking human life without remorse. There is a disregard for human life. And the world is already starting to drink Pure Evil.


The level of work given into building up the first healing room will not be as hard as it seems. They will beg for the first healing room when Yahweh starts to give out great power. When Yahweh gives out His great power in the earth, the streets will be filled with the sick, begging to be healed.


When Yahweh gives His power into the earth, there will be great delivering ways, with great signs, wonders, and miracles.


Feel it; your purpose is clear for preparing the way of the Lord. Your Street Ministry stage will usher in the craving for the first healing room. With the surging power in a covenant with Yahweh, there will not be any greater work than bringing a world-level awareness to the existence of the Great King Jesus.


There will not be a way to feel Kingdom surgings when the Church is removed. Now is the time to bring the King’s will forward into the earth so that the way is given to bring in a great world harvest.


World: come under Kingdom order and take in the healing room plan. Give the Great King’s will a place of leading ways in the earth. Bring Kingdom order forward. Let Yahweh build up a mighty platform in the earth.


Here is the Great Yahweh giving a major way of power. Let power take over and give your platform for the building-up power plan. I will give the great wealth through those avenues Yahweh chooses. Artwork and other details in super ways of spiritual engagement will begin.


With great power, is there anything too hard for Yahweh? You are seeing well. And I know that they will want you to build healing rooms all over. Will I grant it? It will come in a certain time frame.


But first, let the people know of your Great Yahweh. What happened to all the other locations? I will need to bring the people a new way of feeling My power. You must prepare. The world is turning greater in ways of evil.


Now is the time to bring the Great King’s will in provision, protection, and power into the earth. Stand firm in your Great King’s will. I will always keep My will clear and stable.


You will witness healing such as never seen in church days of the early stages. Let Yahweh bring it to the surface. Bring Kingdom nature into earthly plans. Tell them more of the Age of the Antichrist. Who shall be able to stand?



The Age of The Antichrist

Part Three


Yahweh gives a look into the future:


It may not be as easy as the TV makes it seem. Demons will walk the earth without restraint—a time of great terror. Hiding in the dark will not prevent enslavement. Satan will not use humans to do his greatest bidding. Satan will use his demons, and they will walk the earth as materialized, to show their true nature, to bring in great fear to all who would see them.


Imagine walking outdoors and seeing creatures of different shapes and sizes, not looking a human form of presentation. Imagine Satan walking the earth, materialized.


No one will be able to escape without intervention. See those who try to escape the mark? See how they hang on meat hooks as if in a butcher’s meat shop. They will be skinned alive in front of cheering crowds.


Imagine looking at a family member placed up on a meat hook. Would you fear Satan? Would you long for death? See how they bow low to the earth as Satan comes on the stage. See how he is now a visible tyrant of pure hatred than any previous world leader.


Guess who will lead as a prince. The demon named Pure Evil will be close, along with Murder. These are actual princes under Satan’s government. How dare these naïve producers, movie actors, and directors think that there will be any plan that will bring a glimpse of the Gospel on television during the Age of the Antichrist?


There will be a full release of demon influence and infiltration on the earth. How can those who are hiding from Satan ever hear the Gospel? Angels will be sent forward for the ones who are in the plan of drinking eternal way of life in King Jesus.


Satan will have his eyes and ears of spiritual outlets walking to and fro, searching for any who are living apart from Satan’s way. How will any be able to endure? The mark of the beast is more than a cosmetic tattoo; it is a spiritual transfer of demon infiltration. Satan will mind wipe the people. They cannot buy or sell without having his literal covenant of sealing in eternal damnation.


Even right now on Earth, the crowds are drinking Pure Evil. Look at how they praise the people who make these horror films, with violence taking center stage.


Look at how I have placed up a spiritual dam in the spirit realm, keeping a glimpse of hope out there in this world of evil nature. What madness are the people drinking to think that Satan will be some idol in a virtual game. What madness is the Church drinking to think that Satan will not harm them in this world of evil.


I will give ways to drink a mercy plan, but when the antichrist is pushed forward, there will be a closing of grace, where judgment will take over. Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth. Look it up and put the chosen Scripture right here:


Then I looked, and I heard an eagle flying in midheaven, saying with a loud voice, “Woe, woe, woe to those who dwell on the earth, because of the remaining blasts of the trumpet of the three angels who are about to sound!”

—Revelation 8:13 NASB


Yahweh is still speaking:


Satan will walk the earth as his true way. He will boast of hatred. He will not refer to a Christian as a hater, nor will he care about other religions and place them up on pedestals.


The nature of Satan will be as a religion. What are they doing? Why can’t they see it? Why can’t they believe that there are unseen beings? Who am I referring to? The Church.


These people in church are the main social people group who cannot see it, that spirit beings are real. Here, those in New Age and Satan’s occult way have a firmer understanding of spirit dealings due to dabbling in sinful activities that take them into spiritual engagement, mostly with demons.


What about the Church? The Church, under My reporting way, drinks a will to stay under tradition. They say they will take in whatever Yahweh will present, yet they will not give a spiritual platform in work details. The whole work is filtered under religion and tradition. Why can’t the churches see the Kingdom as a whole? Is there unity in the Body of Jehovah?


Is there one actual Body of King Jesus? There is one Body—one true Body—but not one Kingdom culture, for the people even now renounce the One True God and place up idols in place of where Yahweh should stand.


What is taking way with the Church? The people go through the motions a few hours each week. They barely have conversations with Me during the week, yet they expect Me to, magically, give them their heart’s desires. I am not a play toy. I am not a lowercase god. I AM WHO I AM.



The Age of the Antichrist

Part Four


Yahweh gives a look into the future:


Look at how the world works. The people go about their business, not seeing that I give them air to breathe. Who is like the Lord?


What is the Church Age? The time to bring in a great harvest of souls. It’s a gathering plan to build up the Kingdom of God. It’s a time to work with the Great Holy Spirit in governmental dealings in earthly ways.


The Great Holy Spirit is here to bring a governmental order by working in the Christian.


Please see. The power of Yahweh is here on Earth right now, holding back a full release of evil. Pure Evil walks this earth, taking ways into the spirit world in the governing territory of Earth, to bring a deep hatred for human-to-human involvement. Have you noticed? There are uncanny resemblances to video game murders to humans killing humans. Have you noticed the increase in violent behavior as Pure Evil gives a greater influence on how movies present certain natures?


I am seeing a deeper evil shifting in social media ways, with killings in word and in action being yielded within the viewer’s way. Think about it, how just a few decades ago, a person could only present a certain nature within and with the people, and now, there is a real searing of how the people view sin.


Now the movies make it appear that Heaven can exist, but they say that every good person will be able to be there. It’s the way Satan deceives. He gives a statement that can be seen as a truth, with bringing a hope that is not synced to Kingdom truth.


Why would God send any to a place of eternal torment? Does a human perceive good and evil based on seeing with a Great God’s view? Can a human understand creating the world? Can humans form life out of dirt? Then, what will I need to do to push this final way of mercy? Send a world-level prophet who will speak My will that deals with world-shaping shifts to bring forward a new era.


You wanted to serve Me from a young age. Seersgate, you have been waiting to hear Me say certain words to let you give out messages with authority. No other world-level prophet is here. Who else is given your work?


What is your mission? Preach the Kingdom and prepare the world for the return of King Jesus. Didn’t John the Baptist bring a form of presentation? You will bring a world-level presentation to give healing rooms into the world.


I choose the tester nation of the United States to carry My first healing room. Power needs to lead within. Your whole way must drink this work. We will give you that first interview that will catapult the work way.


We will take you through major shifts and changes that will prove you are the real way. We must give you a new power level to build with. I will take great care of My real worshipper—the one who worships Me in spirit and in truth.


I will give the way of escape. I will be here sooner than many think to get My worshippers and bring them to Me to enter our feast. I will be with the Body when the antichrist is in released governing in that great terrible way he brings his terror. And the ones who enter Kingdom eternal way of living will wait until that season ends. The door will be sealed shut, and I will not let that phase enter the feast.


I will bring My Body of worshippers—those who escaped—to that meeting at the ending in the Age of the Antichrist. There will then be one thousand years in a tester field. And I will weigh the remaining field to see how the people will serve into eternity.


There will be a Great White Throne Judgment, and I will take a look at the name written and carry out the judgment that will not ever be broken. See how even in this Church Age, the human can take on death and be in the Heaven or Hell. And judgment hasn’t been fully weighed yet. What does that say? Can praying to dead followers of the Great King Jesus bring back the dead? Can there be certain rituals spoken that will bring a dead person from the dead?


Even with a great Kingdom ministry, these Kingdom workers must work with the Great Way in all ways of natural work.


And even in this Church Age, the dead in Heaven or the Hell—they can be raised up from the dead at Yahweh’s command. What does that show? Judgment will be set in permanent ways when judgment ways in ruling take way. When is it for the believer? Upon death. Why when death begins? It’s because no sin can enter into Heaven through a human.


Think about that way given: The redemptive work of the cross with the shedding of the blood of King Jesus literally covers the human and gives a way to enter Heaven and not have to wait in Paradise.


King Jesus moved those who died before His crucifixion and resurrection way into the Heaven.


The dead, under the way of worshipping the One True God, were once in Paradise, in the center of the natural earth. But now, they are in Heaven. For the person who is dead and without salvation in King Jesus, they wait in the Hell, to rise up and receive permanent placing in the lake of fire.


But what if Yahweh brings back a Christian? Would they tremble in fear for feeling that they would have to keep working out their own salvation with fear and with trembling? Who would be given that assignment? I would have to guarantee this will in My outcome coming forward.


I can raise any dead person. Let’s say there was a dead person in the Hell who I would bring back from the dead. And let’s say I gave them another chance to live under Kingdom order. Do you think that their eternity is shifted if they walk in Kingdom order and worship Yahweh? The dead in the Hell are not able to leave there and freely return to where the living move in.


There would need to be such a great Kingdom power to raise a dead person and give them a way to serve King Jesus and take on natural death a second time as a new believer, to enter eternal living in Heaven.


What a power plan—raising up buried dead people in this new era. Is there anyone willing to let Yahweh give them painful experiential training to shape them into His vessel of service and be rejected? King Jesus was rejected, and He is All-Powerful, the One who holds all things together.


Who can be sure of their Great King’s plan to raise up buried dead people if they have never seen a raising? Who can stand with Yahweh and tell these people of His plan to raise up buried dead people as a way to bring an awareness? An awareness of how the way has to be prepared for the Way King Jesus.


Prepare the way of the Messiah with great power from the blue power stream. Servant, you have been so faithful. All We have you move into doing, you have yielded and have taken a stand with Me. We will never let you falter. We will prove the active world message that you drink is truly a real word from your Great God Yahweh.


After the fullness in presentation, you will enter a major level of street ministry and creative miracles work.


But before raising up buried dead people, We must make sure you have no fear of engaging any demon under any plan. You will be a powerful servant. All final tests are passed and completed. We walk you into your full three years to build the work platform. Be prepared to meet with Me in a new plan.


On Christmas 2027, you will be ready for the building up of healing rooms.


I can see it that your husband will move anywhere in the world, including a few short years to Paris, if—put “if” in bold—if there is a real proof that you can actually hear Yahweh speak. Now the plan is left in My care, and that is how I prefer.


I want to be the One who brings the ultimate plan forward. Just turn into the way of presentation. Get the books published. Give out “The Good News” and “What Jesus Came to Do” as translation work. Give audio teachings. Tell them how to expel demons. And as the three years come forward, the power from God’s Throne will lead, and more and more will turn to see what you have.


And I choose Gordon from the ministry outlet in Virginia Beach to have that privilege to interview your way. That interview is critical. I will start the Age of the Antichrist at the right timing. Tell him that I want to raise Paul Walker, Myles Munroe, and the singer Prince before I resurrect the dead, the two resurrections of Revelation. You understand.


Work for Me. I am not weak. I am a very powerful God who will back you. I promise. Wait for the way in the interview that will bring in the era of the Age of the Antichrist. But I have to send you without him so that there is no one who can blame you for ill actions in doing My will.


I bind Myself to My world prophet. It is real. And just as Apostle Thigpen said in that message from Me, you are a deliverer. Now, let’s get the work in order. So much to still give in this message here. Now drink another part of the message.


The Age of the Antichrist

Part Five


Yahweh gives a look into the future:


Servant, the people are hungry to know the true purpose of saying all that was spoken. Who can lead the people on the full work plan? Who can bring power into the Church?


Servant, let Me speak with you in a clear way. You can name your book series Conversations with King Jesus, and we can sell a million copies by the Year 2025, within the first year. How? By giving the people notice of that work plan.


Servant, you are ready for a world way in presentation. It is very possible. You can stay here and work in a lower way in job title. Make that first $100,000 quickly. Advertise everywhere. Then we can go to be with his way and help him. Good.


You ready, servant? What if your God pushed that way forward? What if the Kingdom will is able to bring that forth? What if I start raising the buried dead without any backing from any plan of human structure? What if Kingdom order leads you? Powerful shifts can lead here in this full work detail.


Power, not money, is the real work way.


And I will use natural power plans connected with Kingdom order to bring power forward for a full way. Power, not money, is the real way of building up a platform. And I will use the little pennies to build up power outlets that can turn the full earth under the full surging way.


The way of power is not how the Church operates. The power level comes from the real Head of the local Body by the way given in the Great Holy Spirit. The governing of the Church has to come from the Great Holy Spirit. Where is the disconnect within the local church? The power has been cut off, and spiritual slumber has taken over. And now the branches break with a little torture, rejection, persecution, and Satanic attack.


The water from Yahweh has ended within various parts of Christian culture, and the people hunt for food and wine but from occultic and fleshly outlets. There is so much work that needs to be given out into the world. There is a lack of physical touch that will bring healing and restoration.


There is a lack of power in the Church as a whole. What is hindering? The Church is afraid of being seen as different, peculiar, of God, not of the world. They fear the rejection of being different.


These church people want the world to say they are doing a great job. They are creating churches that look like nightclubs and country clubs.


They beg the people to give their wealth so that they can build up social outlets so that the people find church appealing. They come in late because they don’t want to be forced to enter intimate details with Yahweh.


They lust, steal, lie, abuse, cheat, and other Satan-natured ways, and they still expect Yahweh to give them a wishful income surplus to feed their flesh in a new level. They do not know Me.


Where is the true Church? Can you spot them from others? Can you point them out in a crowd? Why are these church people blending in with the world? There should be a different way in presentation.


The true Church should smell a way of having clean hands and pure hearts. The Church would rather get attention from the social media detail instead of crying out to Yahweh for healing, delivering ways in Kingdom power.


Yahweh hears everyone. I do not hide. If they would humble themselves. If they would turn to Me and seek My face. If they would turn from their wicked ways. There could be real surgings of power unleashed within the children of Yahweh.


Church should appeal to the hurting, the wounded, the broken, the hungry. The true Church should flow in great power. The true Bride should smell like Yahweh and have the seal of God within.


What will cause the Church to wake up? What will draw the people? Catering to their fleshly whim truly is not the answer to solving the way of spiritual poverty. What will draw all men? The transforming power of Yahweh.


Pride in how big your church is will not unleash power. Pride in what natural land the power is heard will not automatically bring Kingdom favor to your place of worship. With so many Christians following rituals, how will church people know what plan is the power shaping plan?


Should all in the church run to various buildings, hoping that a weekend course will give them the wisdom that will discern spirit dealings?


Where is your spiritual church? And why aren’t they giving you your needed food to endure? Why are there ministries traveling just to steal the hearts of the members? Not all in this way of being spoken of are leading others astray. There are others holy unto the Lord who are sold out to Him. They beg for a fresh surging of power to take over the whole world.


For a great power level of this way to lead in earthly details, there must be a true submission to the way of the Great Way and the Great Holy Spirit. Local pastors need to yield to King Jesus over their fleshly way.


Although the presence of God may lead in the church, within, there can still be a lack of the way in Kingdom purpose. For Yahweh may have His new covenant shifted to a new powerful outlet that will yield wholly.


Do not assume that God is in favor of your “heart” actions just because He is there.


“Well, how do we know that we’re going home towards Heaven on our spiritual way? What is a standing proof of a real relationship? What is proof of true Kingdom covenant relationship with Yahweh?”


The fruit of the Great Holy Spirit, taking over that person, where the person walks and talks just as the company they sit with, in daily conversations.


People note a person’s mannerism and their culture in local presentation and would tell that person that they appear to have come from a particular family or area of a country. What about the Christian way of saying certain words, and other church attendees would know that they have some background in Christianity.


Does saying the Christian words of church culture make a person a true follower of King Jesus? Does learning the prayer talk make a person join up in communion with the One True God?


Who is really saved? Those connected to the Vine. Does that mean that there is perfection? No. That way of being connected to the Way will bring power and cleansing as the old way is removed. There must be a covenant salvation power way, and the saved human must continually come and have a cleansing in the waters of God.


Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Do not have a mentality that once one is saved, there is a power will to make that saved one stay. Yahweh will hold His children safe but will never take away the freedom to leave Him.


Everyone who comes to Yahweh for healing in their way has a way that will allow that person to say within that they no longer desire a covenant relationship with the Great King Jesus.


No one can separate any from the love of Yahweh. No one can snatch any human from the salvation covenant. Grace makes some Christians think that sin can still be rampant and keep a deep fellowship with Yahweh.


What does it say in our journal entry from the wilderness? Should there be boundaries in place that ward off the hunger to still live as if there are only vows without action?


God doesn’t need to prove He is the One True God. He is able to carry Himself in full presentation. Why should the Church begin to engage the spirit realm? God is Spirit, not a fleshly presentation. The realm of Heaven is a spirit way. The spiritual realm is more real in engagement than these fleshly actions.


How will the Church begin to awaken? What will drive the nations to look into a church way that’s staying the same? Will wearing necklaces and earrings with crosses make the unchurched visit their church way? What is the needed attribute that will change the current of time? Power.


You must be awake to receive fresh oil. You must yield the heart of hatred and bitterness. Yield to Kingdom power. With submission comes a favor of Kingdom level. Not a striving but a release of the favor God has stored for those who are His.


Submitting to the will of God under clean hands and a pure heart will bring forward a power level that awakens others. Thinking that a movement of God in your life is a sign of well-being and favor is not accurate.


God will always back up what covenant has an active plan. And if the covenant is joined to a certain person, land, or territorial entity, the outlet will reflect the Kingdom wealth by having provision, protection, and power.


Awaken, Church. The Age of the Antichrist is being pushed forward. Awaken. Let Yahweh strip away the fleshly way of church culture. Let Yahweh bring forth a new work. Tell the people of King Jesus by walking in Kingdom authority.


Your church title is not the fullest potential for you.


Yield. Confess your sin of putting church people before the One True God as of greater importance.


Welcome the Great Way and Great Holy Spirit each Sunday or Saturday before welcoming the commoners. Honor the King and place Him above all others. Clean your eye gates and your ear gates.


Take up a holy stand and come against sinful dealings. Stand up for the widows and the orphans. Speak what you really mean and not what you think will make you appear holier than you are. Humble yourself. Esteem others above yourself in King Jesus. Learn the part of being ready to listen.


Active obedience is the key to staying with the Master. Master Jesus is not the One who mistreats. The Master King Jesus is the One who will endure, who will bring a harvest forward from a desert land. Please sing a song of submission to the Great Master. Turn within and look no further to seeking to gain approval from Yahweh based on works.


Turn within. Look for the work of God to commune to the world. Do not aim to gain a great following because of needing more income in the church funds. Hear the will in the Great King. Separate from Satan’s nature.


It is the time for a new power shaking to bring in the will of healing rooms. Where are those who are sold out to Yahweh? Where are those who are not afraid to cast out demons? Where are those who talk with the Great Way in real friend-to-friend powerful ways?


Who is ready for street ministry? Let’s go out and engage. Awaken. Get in position. Put on your armor, for the days of sitting in church and getting spiritually fat are now ended. Rejoice! The Great Way King Jesus approves of the new season.


The Age of the Antichrist

Part Six


Yahweh gives a shaking plan for the “now” time frame. Yahweh brings forward a great revelation:


Hear Me clearly, servant. She does not want to begin the reconciliation work. Has she even reached out and mentioned anything? She is not willing to take a chance to get to know who We really made you to be. Let it be this real way that we get ready to leave and live in My will in training for street ministry in this real work.


We seal the door in a permanent shifting and keep it as a monument of what will take way with others that will keep a way in anger against a servant of Yahweh.


We will wait just a little bit to build an income to give out into My work. It is finished. The former way—it is over. Now you clearly see it. What does that say? What does that say? What does that say? I wanted them—all of them—to have that power surging into their whole way. I wanted it for their whole way. I waited. I held you back from Mother’s Day.


Yes, I held you back from going forward because if I released you, the ark would have no further openings, no further way to drink from your office mantle, from your power surging. From now on, you will not be given a way to let the cut-off person taste of My power no matter how hard they beg to have it. That’s why I held you back. That’s why there were no real books planted. That’s why it felt so stagnant.


Too bad her covering did not say a word of warning. It is clearly spoken into the spirit realm how I will cut off those who spoke out against this great work. We clearly gave a grave way in a warning, stating that an effort must come forward to show that there is a crack in the walls I could work through. But they will not let you in within. They harbor ill ways. They cannot see that you are a world-level prophet.


But now they will. They will beg to have the crumbs from the garbage that’s thrown away, but I will not give them a way to taste what others experience. They will beg for a morsel but will go hungry; spiritual hunger is what I refer to.


It is all over—all of that novice training—ended. And her mentor said nothing to shake that stubborn, prideful person out of her ill way. It is over. No reconciliation was attempted even though Yahweh reached out over and over. I am not ashamed of rendering this judgment against that cut-off soul.


Seek Yahweh when there is a new prophet being presented. Do not shut them out, out of fear. Make sure to keep your whole way open to whatever work Yahweh brings forward. Bring yourself under Kingdom order. The time is here. It is now. It is pushing forward, the new way that was kept hidden until the ark was sealed shut. Begin advertising. Begin My way of engaging the people.


Begin to turn. There is a full shifting. You had a very hard test, which made you be near these stubborn ways who ignored you and had ill ways against Yahweh’s work. I release you from the state of Texas. Leave when Yahweh gives a way, and never become settled here—ever. No longer look the old way. Begin the spiritual stripping now.


You are a fully released world-level prophet with a surging powerful way that will build over the next three years from Christmas Day 2021 until the three-year presentation is given into the earth. This is the three-year presentation starting.


This is the beginning of the next part of the Age of the Antichrist. Well done, good and faithful servant. It was a long hard novice training of a thirty-year work span, and you have a major ten years to learn how the actual world-level mantle works.


Go out now. Yahweh will bring the power. Publish all of the books. It’s here. The power, it’s here. 


In the New World Order, it’s not just the Christians who will be hunted down. Those who believe in any other “god” and those who have beliefs in another savior will be hunted down. Satan wants no other plan than to move in a controlling nature.


The New World Order will be a great deceiving plan. Who would not want the reward of no more world hunger?


The way Satan will bring order is by deception and great fear. Pure Evil will be one of Satan’s generals, a spirit prince under Satan who will bring a great way of movings of evil where it seems like the earth is free from light. The opposite of Yahweh’s Kingdom will lead. 


Pure Evil has his nature portrayed in movies under a filtered presentation. But when Pure Evil is released with full delegated surgings to unleash fear and torment, the movie world will feel like Sunday school sessions. The horrors of occultic movies will be lived out in daily living. The torture of the human will step away from the skin culture to a “religion” plan.


No race, culture, or people group will be able to say their plan matters. Human life will not matter. Your race will not matter. Where is a Christian gonna hide?! What movie can portray the real way? The movie would have to be rated R.


If I showed the true ways of Hell, those who watch that will take in a terror way of PTSD—truly afraid of dying, of God, and the afterlife.


Who would make My movie? A pioneer, one who has a true searing of the conscience, maybe who has viewed many different levels of torture. Is that hard to understand? Haven’t I trained you with seeing visions of art without a Kingdom nature? Aren’t you being trained to see both angels and demons? Aren’t you dealing with Satan’s workers and Satan himself? 


The New World Order is not a plan of government, leading with one natural current world leader. The New World Order system that will build outlets with world-level nations will take away the freedom of the nature in a nation, replacing it with fear of being without. A supernatural power will subdue world power nations and bring them low before the Evil One, who yields to Satan.


No superpower way that is currently in existence will stand when Satan has a way to bring torment over the whole earth.


It’s not just the Christians who will be hunted and killed. There will be an awakening to a new level of Satan’s evil, given out through the generals Pure Evil and Murder. These two are actual princes in Satan’s governing way, and when I remove My chosen who have taken My gift of eternal living within the King’s will, they will have an unrestrained level of Satan’s way within earthly realms and regions.


Do not be fooled. No one will have surging power in their own strength to enable them to hide and live within the system with fake marks. The seeing way in the ways of the movies: they see the tribulation from a human’s perspective. Get ready for a world-shaking plan in the natural, such as never seen.


Do not look to the local church to make you a follower of King Jesus. Seek Yahweh’s Kingdom, not this fake way of living. Worship His Majesty, King Jesus. Let the power in the Great Way begin to lead you. The Great Way returned to Heaven, and the Great Way sent the Spirit of God for guidance and for a way to have a knowing of Kingdom dealings.


Please trust the Great Holy Spirit. He is able to keep you from falling, returning back to a sinful place. Leave a door of your full way yielded open to serving King Jesus. Stop voting for what you want. What does Yahweh say? How do you stay separated from an outside force that is able to bind in the spirit realm yet bring forward natural ways of protection and provision? Easy. Put Yahweh’s Kingdom first.


Put Yahweh’s will first. Listen to the voice of the Great Holy Spirit. Let God be the Way, the Truth, and the Life in daily living. The web way of deception is already being tested. See how the crowds gather to look at one video, one outlet of social seeing ways.


Would a web begin with seeing the other way and gather data to say what would be needed to bring fulfillment?


Every human needs to eat to stay living. Would food monopolization give birth to a way of leverage over what nation will have success versus who will be in third-world ways? The way in living is how Satan will shake nations off their pedestals of superpower status.


Just one plan of ravaging disease, just one killing off of the crops, world-level destruction of food from animals.


See how easy it will be to bow and serve a plan governed with a failing peace plan that still gives out food to starving world leaders and their nations? Why would religions shift? There would be a way of relief in drinking healing with a tangible plan than with an invisible “god.” Would your family, or would you take death by refusing the plan within what structure leads?


The Age of the Antichrist

Part Seven


Yahweh is leading the way:


You’re turning. You’re turning. You’re turning. Why? I’ve already started transitioning you. But what does that mean? There is no way out. The faucet has been on since we came to Houston.


I showed you ______ in the major crusade. But why? You have her attention also. But when? When the street ministry plan takes over, you will gain a church outlet to work out of as an itinerant traveling minister.


Let’s talk about accountability. The last time a new era came to the surface, it was to bring a new Christian way with a Church era. After King Jesus came to Earth and moved in three years of ministry, the way was made clear that the Messiah would come and take on death with the shedding of His blood to set all men free. And that freedom is given to men, women, boys, and girls—a soul that yields and repents of their sin.


And now, a new power way must come forward, a new era that will prepare the whole world for the return of King Jesus. The way you were trained over a thirty-year span was purposed to be a similar way as a prophet of old. I could not take a chance and have you learn a world-level platform from one who does not understand what I place within.


How can another human mentor your way when they cannot fathom that Yahweh still has prophets? What if they cannot embrace women leading over men?


Please see. The message that is within your calling, you will not be able to see a frame from another preacher and mimic that to gauge what the work is to resemble. There is no outlet that can give you mentoring, for you are a pioneer.


With the way of accountability, the Spirit of God will tell these leaders who you are in this great work. We will not make you prove anything. The Spirit of Yahweh will back you hard and will bring a way of power that will make all those who come near have a taste of Yahweh’s Spirit. Power, not natural money, is the way.


Yahweh is ready to bring forward a world-level power detail that will shake the whole world. Yes, there will be a great falling away, but there will be power, as the last days’ harvest has power ways. See, Yahweh has ungaugeable power to bring forward a great awakening in the face of the new era.


How can there be a new era? Do you consider Satan ruling the earth? Power from the Great Holy Spirit will not keep striving with man. Powerful shifts will get My Body ready for the sending up. And that era will end, and Satan’s way will lead, just as Scripture says.


But I need a world-level prophet to give such a shifting message just as those who wrote My way. You will be called a heretic. You will be called a cult leader, but never will you be considered as the antichrist. Why? Because I have made you a female from the womb, purposed not to be confused as the antichrist.


Why would there have been this confusion? The power will shift humans and remake them.


Raising the dead will be a common occurrence with Seersgate. You will raise a great multitude from the dead with the power of Yahweh. And those who have a covenant with you—they will drink an impartation that will come as you lay hands upon their heads. This is the power from Yahweh that will make it hard to deny that you know a great Deity.


But what will make a great major undeniable sign that you are a real prophet sent by Yahweh to shift the era and usher in the Age of the Antichrist? What is a sign that will never be disputed by any person? You will take a permanent glowing under your skin, where your literal spirit is heavily saturated with power from the blue power stream from Heaven. That will be the greatest sign.


And when I take you in natural death, slowly, the glowing will fade. And then I will bury you. I know what I said is not the first way of hearing it. Soon it’s going to shift in a great way.


You will not strive at all to bring anything forward. I will not have to beg anyone to drink My Kingdom power and build healing rooms. People will be donating their greatest gifts—not to bring you any glory, but to beg that Yahweh will make you build healing rooms in their city to make it available to their sick relatives.


What will happen when people read the work, and My power heals them? Do you think it will stay a secret?


Power, not money, is needed to push out this great work. We covenant with this world prophet named Seersgate, who was born Susanna Carey. Bring forward Yahweh’s great will. Let My power take you into the fullness of your three-year presentation.


With this intro, please tell them another part of the Age of the Antichrist. This is the beginning of this part dealing with Pure Evil and his side demon, Murder.


Seersgate says this:


It has been a great way of training within the thirty-year span that still makes me wonder if I am actually ready to take hold of all Yahweh has. The thought of being hated for placing a full weight upon the power way of seeing makes me feel alone.


I know Yahweh is always with me, but I still have my spirit seeing taken away so I could learn how Yahweh trains His servants to hear.


The way of a powerful prophet will always take on a powerful covenant with the “god” they worship. I have served Yahweh off and on for a season of natural time, but there came the point in time where I had to give in to living a holy, set apart life for Yahweh’s way.


I serve King Jesus with humility, knowing that it will take Him backing up all messages, purpose, and the great plan He has shared.


I will now state things I have learned concerning the head prince of Satan named Pure Evil. Satan has many demons working with him, but here’s a very important note: The Great Yahweh created all: angels (including fallen angels referred to as demons), humans, all living creatures, all that you see!


All matter in its original state was created by Yahweh. Everything formed that is seen and unseen is under God’s power of being held together and sustained. Yahweh God Almighty is very powerful. You would say that “If Yahweh is this powerful, can’t He prevent the sickness, the pain, and the heartache? If Yahweh is so powerful, can’t He stop all the evil that’s going on? Doesn’t He care?”


So many people are killing other people. People are breaking the laws. Crime is rampant. People in the church also are not exempt from evil. Christians share in giving out evil as well as dealing with it in daily living.


The painful experiences can cloud one’s judgment of the reality of there being a loving God, a God who cares. “Why would God look down from Heaven at my poor situation and care?” So, to avoid the pain of not getting an answer, people would say it is better to act as if there is no God, and even those Christians who once felt the joy of serving, would then harbor ill ways with Yahweh and stop wanting to be with Him.


The tradition of church attendance takes over. It’s easier to pretend and keep up the pretense instead of facing the reality of no one being above receiving pain from living in this fallen world.


“What?! Are you saying that even though I serve Yahweh, I am not exempt from painful experiences? I am not exempt from the evil actions of Christians and non-Christians?”


No, dear soul. Satan does not categorize you based on your job, what you do in a church building nor who your acquaintances are.


So, is Satan more powerful than Yahweh? Of course not. But will Satan always be presented with a greater way of influence than Yahweh’s culture? Let’s think about how the way was when Yahweh walked the earth. He is the Son of God, taking on an earthly way to save us from sin. The God-Man—that’s the Great Yahweh, named Jesus.


When He walked the earth, King Jesus did not have to train to learn how to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life.


Within King Jesus is the very nature of those attributes, and when a sinner turns to the Great King for eternal life, there is a transformation that takes way. The spirit part of the person begins to turn as the person eats and drinks from the Vine, King Jesus—our Bread of Life, Sustainer, Prince of Peace, Emmanuel.


Within the Kingdom of Yahweh, Kingdom citizenship is given. Along with Kingdom citizenship, there is a spiritual shift within the believer.


As the believer yields to Yahweh’s purpose and lets His power bring them a cleansing within, with spending time with Yahweh, reading the Word of God, and communing with Him, changes take over. The person will crave to be more like Yahweh, live like Him, hear His Word in their daily living.


The person who yields to the Spirit of God begins to embrace how Yahweh sees Kingdom culture and shares the King’s will with others. God’s Spirit leads within those who are His, those who choose to steer away from sin.


You get to choose who you will serve.


Every person gets to choose between life or death. But here’s the key to remember: Each human is already born with a sinful nature, which means it doesn’t matter if your parents baptize you as a baby or sign you up for church attendance as a youth; you will still have to choose to come over into Kingdom living through Jesus.


When Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the garden of Eden, the fall of man took place. And from that time, every person born into this world is born in sin. Good works do not change the sinful nature. People are misled into thinking that all their serving the community and giving to their local church, and telling the priests their sinful deeds will make them a pleasing way to Yahweh.


There is only one way. The way is through King Jesus. And even when a person chooses the way of eternal life in salvation in the blood of Jesus, the sinful nature still influences us because we live in a fallen world!


Satan and his demons are here on Earth. The Hell is literally in the heart of the earth—a spiritual place that holds all those who are not under the blood of King Jesus, those who chose this.


Yes, there is only one way to live continually in a pleasing way, in right standing with Yahweh: The blood of King Jesus would need to cleanse us from all unrighteousness in a continual plan.


Each day, a person is bombarded with the ways of the world, the sinful nature, and with opportunities to choose Satan’s nature. And each day, each person has to actively resist temptation, the worldly snares, and hold on to Kingdom culture through active yielding to Yahweh’s will.


Pure Evil: How do we resist this devil? It’s not about having a greater surging or more money or natural power to control. Yahweh does not use leverage, nor does He use the way of control. Yahweh wants all of us to choose His way over the ways that are against His nature.


But what seems appealing about Pure Evil? He caters to fleshly fillings, making us feel more important than we ought to, putting our fleshly way before the eternal weight of our ways of actions. What we take ahold of and embrace will influence our eternal outcome.


Every act is recorded. Every word spoken is written down and will be weighed. Our eternal way is measured.


Even levels of punishment and rewards are weighed based on how we live, yet eternal life cannot ever yield forth from how much good we do. Is there a real Kingdom service that is under the approval of Yahweh’s plan, or are we aiming to receive high praise from the leaders? Who is getting the way of praise? Which lowercase god influences daily decisions?


Pure Evil—one of the most vicious demons under Satan’s arsenal—wields out the greatest torture and doesn’t view a real way of worth to human life. Pure Evil literally carries the opposite nature of the Great Holy Spirit.


Now, there are levels of evil. Pure Evil: to receive the name of Pure Evil, there is an amplified surging that oozes, infiltrates, and merges with what surrounds.


Evil can be slowly taken in through things such as movies, video games, books, and real-life engagement with the spirit world and natural experiences. Yet, the way it is reviewed in the original state of evil can begin to sear the person dealing with what is experienced, giving their flesh a way to embrace greater levels of evil over time.


A person may get bored and think that if they participate in the viewing or experience of something more extreme, it could bring them a jolt of excitement, a thrill that may bring them a way of false life.


People think that the more extreme the sin, the more others may think they are actually living in freedom. And they would then say that Christian living is boring due to Yahweh’s will for us to live under Kingdom order.


But wait. Is there a shift in the person who feels that living for King Jesus is boring? Have they really chosen to turn, with repenting from sin, actively choosing to allow God to bring them under the nature of Yahweh?


This way to live for King Jesus has a way of true love, loving God for His plan to bring you reconciliation. He loves so deeply that He doesn’t hold your sinful past against you. He doesn’t make you continually seek forgiveness for something you released to Him. Yahweh is not a human who holds anger and makes you stay in condemnation.


Pure Evil—this demon makes killing a human a hobby, something carried out for fun. When Pure Evil overtakes, humanity is removed. Mercy does not exist within Pure Evil, the demon. Horror movies have various stages of evil, laced with Pure Evil’s nature. These horror movies reveal the “fear” nature, enabling a doorway to open so that Pure Evil can torment.


You can one day watch a person get murdered on the TV screen, and then as the murder nature joins in with the lack of human value, the torment shifts on the action scenes, providing more details of gore and shedding of blood.


The person soon craves even darker torment: They want to see cannibalism, with realistic ripping away of human flesh. They want to feel like they are there in the heat of the torment, about to get destroyed also.


Pure Evil is absent of love. There will be no plan to beg for TV time to share the Gospel. There will be no freedom of speech when the antichrist rules. No White, Brown, Black, or Yellow person can claim special privilege when Satan is in a leading way. I am a woman of mixed race. There is no will to shame any race, color, creed, or gender.


Yahweh makes it clear that no variation of skin color will be placed upon a pedestal and viewed as more important than another. No color will be prominent. Only will Pure Evil expect all living to worship his master Satan and bow low before the antichrist. Is that point understood?


The battle is for souls, not so your freedom to live with your social media platform and have your favorite meals and vote for your next face can be preserved. There will not be any superpower able to halt the carnage pushed forward from a world-level killer who longs to punish anyone who doesn’t worship Satan’s way.


There is no free will with Satan, and Pure Evil will ensure that every human given to be seen walking the earth will drink the viciousness of being abused in the greatest ways.


What leader from the days before were filled with such great hatred for human life that would gauge the antichrist? No world leader, no tyrant or evil ruler, has a full stream of Pure Evil. Pure Evil cannot be saved with eternal life.


Pure Evil literally shapes the antichrist and grooms him for service to be a man without fear.


Some would say, “Oh, I want to be fearless.” That is not the connotation that is referred to here. To have no fear of killing any human, Satan will train his student to shred the flesh from his family members’ backs. No remorse, for Pure Evil is absent of love, of painful heart feelings, of caring.


And when there are stories upon the earth of a human who kills, hurts, or uses destructive ways to get what they want, they are dabbling in being under the influence of Pure Evil. Along with being in the sinful state, the demon, Pure Evil, ensures a surging of evil magnified within the individual.


With Pure Evil’s surging, more of Satan’s nature will manifest and cause a great influence on those dealing with the person held to Satan’s plan.


The Age of the Antichrist

Part Eight




Yahweh is speaking:


Something happened in the spirit realm. What if those seers were seeing the real way, to have a real seeing of what will take way in the three-year presentation? What if there was a hindering plan in bringing forward a great awakening?


What if My will was to move you out of the cave by a certain time frame, and Satan sent a virus to halt the way of you attending local churches to spread the surging way within? You will need to stand with Yahweh and say that the enemy of God—Satan—pushed out a hindering plan that closed down the planning for a shifting of one natural year.


We have a shift in our work that pushed the presentation plan, and those prophets under My hand received a real plan, but they didn’t know of My plan to release a world-level prophet who can shift every realm and region by speaking it into the earth.


You have no creative nature, for only Yahweh can be the Creator. When a world-way in shifting needs to begin, you will tell the angels that guard the world what plan that I willed to take way. And the major governing angels will act on My will spoken through My servant. It has to be My will, not human reasoning.


Satan can be a hindering way when a major new work must begin. But ultimately, no one or no spirit will be able to halt the will from Yahweh. So, they heard a real message from My lips, but they only saw in part. You, on the other hand, have been hiding in a spiritual cave for ten natural years and under novice training for thirty years. That’s not known by a great deal.


We had to hide you from those real prophets so they would not try to push you on a platform before your time is released.


You now see it, why I must make every bit of training to be given as a way of hidden plans with the people. You must give messages out into the earth before they come forward, for even though you may have it written in your journals, no one will feel that there is real proof of it being said before the event. Servant, make all books super affordable. Make it where everyone can get it.


The work is a real work way. Do not guess what you should do. Stand with Yahweh. I will make you clearly visible with the people. Prophets hear what I give. It would not be real to say what you think should be clearly obvious. See, that gave real proof.


The year 2020 originally was to be the year when the great power surging from Yahweh was to be revealed, but they did not know that Satan would hinder. Just as he hindered Daniel from hearing from My angel, he hinders others under a plan of God.


But ultimately, nothing will keep Me from pushing a full way forward. What does that show you? Satan is still roaming around and can still hinder with his delegated authority. See, he only has that level of ruling based on how I created him. With his fall to this way in prowling, he is not in his full way, just like when he had his place in Heaven.


Satan’s rebellion made him take on a lower, delegated way. Satan rebelled and took other angels with him—expelled from what they had in Heaven. While roaming this earth, there is still given a way to deal with spirit dealings.


Satan is not willing to let a world way in shift shake him. But it’s too late. We have already said, “Come out of the cave.” What does that mean? It means your mantle is already activated for work, and the surging, powerful work will build in a quick way. Amen. Go forward now. What does that mean? Yahweh has given out a powerful command to let the servant out of the cave.


Go to work, giving out the work through affordable eBooks for now. But the time will come where you will go back to church visits, and the power of God will pour out, and as you walk by, the crowds, they will fall under the powerful Yahweh. I will heal the ones who drink Me. I will start planning healing rooms. No cut-off person will get this pleasure. It is a permanent judgment. It’s based on how they have treated My prophet.


Why am I so hard with those who walk against My prophet? You are trained as a prophet from old. That means that I had to take you out of the church culture, put you in a remote plan and then hide you in a spiritual cave so that the old traces of the church lingo and politics would come out and be fully removed from your spirit way. I had to break the old way of mentality. I had to show you that I am the same God of the Bible. I had to take you under and show you what it will be like to be holy and separated unto Yahweh.


You have no real friends outside of a family member. You have no church to call your own. You have not been proven. You are not seeking the counsel of novice prophets. You are at My disposal—a willing vessel, hand-shaped by Yahweh to walk in the power. Now go out.






Yahweh continues:


It looks like nothing can bring forward a real surging. How can Yahweh bring real healings forward without bringing forward a person who can bring Me forward? I also must have a presentation plan. Together, we must have a presentation plan. And we must move forward at one time. For you to present Me is to give My work out.


How will Yahweh present you? By telling others of your calling and your purpose. The more people read your work, the more I will heal. How will they trust the work? By having a taste of it through our web samples.


What you are giving away is not Yahweh’s world-level prophet work. The work going out into the earth is just to show the world what you have learned. If I said that your level of wisdom surges up to three hundred years in the future, does the plan mean that you have arrived at that level? No, it takes training. And it’s a pushing, surging training.


Each day, you learn how to be a real prophet with experiential training. How would you learn to raise up the buried dead? By learning how people are healed. I will not send you out there to raise the dead without giving you real proof that healing and creative miracles can happen.


You have to walk in each stage. First, let’s begin with the sample work. Let them read these notes and prayers. Let Yahweh reach out and covenant with you by giving out your mantle. As they are healed, as they drink My surging, they will share what they take in with others. They will say, “Go have a look at Seersgate. Yahweh gives her power.”


Look at how many people it would take to speak to any world leader. Not many. How many will it take to get a notice to a famous person or a powerful church leader? Not many people. See, that’s our first way. Why would I have to go this way? So that you can grow at the same time.


The powerful Yahweh will not be seen as wise if Yahweh gives out power that can reshape clay without preparation in real-time. Real-time is not in the cave. Real-time is engaging others and operating in your mantle out where others can see it. That means I will have to tell others what you really carry within. That includes telling your family, friends, and those who read your work.


Servant, nothing you do will make Me leave you. You can always step away, but your full removal would have to be through death. Raising the buried dead, walking in creative miracles, shifting natural clay—those come with the full way. Power can really change all. My power.


Did Jesus beg people to read His message? Did Jesus beg people to listen or follow Him around? The opposite was the way. King Jesus did not pass out promotions, flyers, begging people to buy His work. What law of advertising did King Jesus use? Demonstration. Not just saying but walking in the power.


The power came out of Jesus and went into whoever would drink it. The power from you will go and takeover realms and regions. It will just happen. You don’t have to make it happen. That’s the power of the covenant. Where do you want to go? Tell Me the true way. I hear you. I will not say it, though. Let’s see where your husband says.


Power will just flow out, like a faucet that’s turned on full. It will never be able to end. It will not come upon you like an anointing that people talk about. It will literally surge through you—a vessel able to maintain the weight of this great surging.


So, what needs to take way right now? The sample work needs to be put up and left there, then podcasting those samples, letting them see your face, letting them hear your tone of voice. Let them see you in your work element within a home office space. Get a professional photographer just to take pictures. Let the people in. Let them see how you write, how you watch television. Because one day, there will be no close ways for others.


You are a prophet. You became a prophet in the office work: October 31, 2010. You were in a spiritual cave for ten years.






Yahweh continues:


I hear the Lord say that you are a real world-level prophet who will win souls and raise the dead and bring major battles into the camp of Satan. I now bring your purpose into the earth, and I give a double anointing from those who were in the days of old. The God I AM says clearly that He will back you and will drive all work projects and send multitudes to eat of the Word from His mouth.


He says to stand and take your place as a world-level prophet, and He will bring great power that will be felt within all who look at your face. Servant, Yahweh has given you the world sphere to govern. Become all Yahweh gives, and see how the Great Yahweh brings great healing to those who read the world-level work from your hands.


This is a real message to Seersgate. Do not be afraid. Step into the real work way. Yahweh will support you and will back you up. The ark is already shut. All plans are pushed. The judgment is final. World-level ways will now lead you. So long you have waited. I will catapult the work. There is no hold. Yahweh will bring a full clarity to His work. Am I not still with you? My power is real, and now I can give it into the world. We’re ready to detox you.





October 21, 2021


Yahweh says:


I will now give you the full placement. I have settled your presentation timing. Thirty years of novice training, completed. Here is the pushing placement:


Christmas Day 2021 has the markings of an actual way of a world-level prophet mantle. This Halloween, Yahweh gives you the plan for actual work. No longer the former way.

For the Servant


For the Servant


Active on October 24, 2022


Yahweh leads it:


People can ignore you, but that doesn’t change your calling. They can hold offenses, hoping to bring you down, but no one can halt Yahweh’s real way. Power, not money, is the real way. Power—it has a healing detail based on the covenant. Power to heal. What is the ultimate healing? Salvation. Receiving salvation from King Jesus is the real healing. Changing a person from death to life is the real healing ministry. No one can receive healing from their sinful way without receiving the God King Jesus.


And you declared that it’s time for a healing power way to come forward to bring in the Age of the Antichrist. You did not wait for an interview that should have already happened. Your husband made us move from Virginia and took us from the purpose laid out. And Yahweh made a new plan and gave a Satan worker a way to look at you and your husband while watching a movie battle way.


The Satan worker spoke, and you heard him. I gave you a way to respond. He waited until you got dressed for bed. And then I had you meet him in an official meeting—just you and the Satan worker and the Angelic Guard. At first, you felt a little silly due to how you still could not see his way. But I let you hear him respond to the meeting. You gave him a plan to declare Yahweh is God, and then you mentioned that there would be healings and street ministry soon that will usher in the Age of the Antichrist.


You were repeating what you heard, not seeing, that angels of a world-level power way had you speak Yahweh’s great will to bring into natural living. It started today, the Age of the Antichrist, which means judgments will lead in this way. And then healing rooms will take over. Will you bend to the ninety-day way that will turn you into a new way?


Let Me share with you what will take way. The ninety-day power way will turn you into the new way. Your spiritual seeing as a prophet will take on natural ways. I will bring forward the spirit realm in a tangible way so that it would seem as if the spirit realm overlaps natural dealings. You will see both the natural and spiritual plan.


The way how power flows will come forward at a world level. The people will turn as they drink. They will look and take in a Kingdom way. See how you are getting a sleepy way. Your Yahweh is moving forward at a great pace. And even right now, power comes forward. There is nothing you can do to make this surging move forward. The surging power is flowing from Yahweh. The Throne Room of Yahweh brings forward the surging. And Yahweh gives a catalyst to bring people to move at learning of what you are.


Yahweh has timers on His Messages that give an understanding of the era coming forward. You will turn, and the nation will drink. In the ninety days, your way will be sealed into eternity. That is right. Yahweh has to make you bend to the placement where you will never turn away so that all Yahweh gives will come forward as a permanent planning way. If I say you are to build healing rooms, I have to guarantee that you will have ways to move into this way.


And those who are cursed must drink the curse so that they will continue to live and not be destroyed from My anger. The curse keeps them from drinking Me. They are sealed into their own way. And your way must have a way that will not change. That says that I will have to turn your way within where I can guarantee that you will never crave Satan’s nature.


Even where you sin, it will have such a disgusting taste that it will make you feel sick. There will be no plan to make you serve in a local church gathering. You are not like everyone else. The purpose is real.


No one can make you stay here in Houston. If I say to build up the first healing room in Washington, D.C., would I have to beg any to bring it forward? Can you bring in a million dollars a day with your power? No. Can you glow like Moses? No. Can you bring real creative miracles and signs in the street ministry? No.


What am I saying? Publish the work. Turn. Visit where Yahweh says. Yahweh will bring a world catalyst that will make the whole world take a look. Yahweh will bring them all to look. Your skin will take on more of your Asian blood. Yahweh will straighten out your naturally curly hair and take away the gray. Yahweh will change you so much where your own husband will not recognize you.


This is hard for the natural mind to embrace. But watch how Yahweh brings you forward. That is part of the new way. Take in the vow. The first fifty days are vegetables, water, supplements, vitamins, and protein smoothies. Then after that, I’ll add on actual meat and actual fruit. So, the first fifty days are a part of your spiritual stripping. Watch how I turn you.



For the Servant


Yahweh shares His seeing:


It will not be how people see it in the movies. When Satan brings his human leader into the forefront, there will be such a shift. The world will not be surprised. There will not be a trickery. It will not be like you are taking a natural vaccine and end up getting fooled to take Satan’s mark. Satan will be here, moving into the natural way with a materialized way.


You see a movie in real-time that makes it seem as if there is unlimited power with Satan. That is a misinterpretation of how We will move forward. We—referring to the Great Yahweh—will not allow Satan to carry God-traits, giving a real surging of life into a human. That means Satan is a created spirit with limited ways of delegated power that Yahweh puts under a certain sphere or boundary.


The Internet will not be Satan’s primary way of finding out those who hide from the mark installations.


The cook ovens will use the dead flesh from the martyrs of Yahweh to feed the lives of those who live. Cattle will become human from the base. Meat grinders and factories will have the dead who resisted the mark as produce. Famine will no longer exist in any nation. The meat source—the primary meat source—will be those who walk the earth.


Even those who have the mark will kill each other. Murder—a prince under Satan’s kingdom—will be a surging power in the whole earth. Along with the major demon Pure Evil, the actions of horror films will be played out upon the earth. And there is a building up to the way of a New World Order, a new system that maintains the world’s food structure and economics.


See that Satan will have his demons materialize. They will walk the earth as if they are a human able to be seen with natural vision. Servant, no one can run and hide. Where can anyone stay hidden? Unless Yahweh shields them from the unseen, there is no power way of saving with natural dealings. That is the way of Scripture. I will give Satan that plan so that My ultimate will, will surely come to pass.


What is that power way that must come to pass? The gathering. Read that Scripture I placed in your spirit and put it right here.


(1) Behold, a day is coming for the Lord when the spoils taken from you will be divided among you. (2) For I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem to battle, and the city will be taken, the houses plundered, the women raped, and half of the city exiled, but the rest of the people will not be eliminated from the city. (3) Then the Lord will go forth and fight against those nations, as when He fights on a day of battle. (4) On that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, which is in front of Jerusalem on the east; and the Mount of Olives will be split in its middle from east to west forming a very large valley. Half of the mountain will move toward the north, and the other half toward the south. (5) And you will flee by the valley of My mountains, for the valley of the mountains will reach to Azel; yes, you will flee just as you fled from the earthquake in the days of Uzziah king of Judah. Then the Lord, my God, will come, and all the holy ones with Him! (6) On that day there will be no light; the luminaries will die out. (7) For it will be a unique day which is known to the Lord, neither day nor night, but it will come about that at the time of evening there will be light. (8) And on that day living waters will flow out of Jerusalem, half of them toward the eastern sea and the other half toward the western sea; it will be in summer as well as in winter. (9) And the Lord will be King over all the earth; on that day the Lord will be the only one, and His name the only one. (10) All the land will change into a plain from Geba to Rimmon south of Jerusalem; but Jerusalem will rise and remain on its site from Benjamin’s Gate as far as the place of the First Gate to the Corner Gate, and from the Tower of Hananel to the king’s wine presses. (11) People will live in it, and there will no longer be a curse, for Jerusalem will live in security. (12) Now this will be the plague with which the Lord will strike all the peoples who have gone to war against Jerusalem; their flesh will rot while they stand on their feet, and their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongue will rot in their mouth. (13) And it will come about on that day that a great panic from the Lord will fall on them; and they will seize one another’s hand, and the hand of one will be raised against the hand of another. (14) Judah also will fight at Jerusalem; and the wealth of all the surrounding nations will be gathered, gold, silver, and garments in great abundance. (15) And just like this plague, there will be a plague on the horse, the mule, the camel, the donkey, and all the cattle that will be in those camps. (16) Then it will come about that any who are left of all the nations that came against Jerusalem will go up from year to year to worship the King, the Lord of armies, and to celebrate the Feast of Booths. (17) And it will be that whichever of the families of the earth does not go up to Jerusalem to worship the King, the Lord of armies, there will be no rain on them. (18) And if the family of Egypt does not go up or enter, then no rain will fall on them; it will be the plague with which the Lord strikes the nations that do not go up to celebrate the Feast of Booths. (19) This will be the punishment of Egypt, and the punishment of all the nations that do not go up to celebrate the Feast of Booths. (20) On that day there will be inscribed on the bells of the horses, “Holy to the Lord.” And the cooking pots in the Lord’s house will be like the bowls before the altar. (21) Every cooking pot in Jerusalem and in Judah will be holy to the Lord of armies; and all who sacrifice will come and take of them and boil in them. And there will no longer be a Canaanite in the house of the Lord of armies on that day.

—Zechariah 14:1-21 NASB


Yahweh continues:


If I were on the earth this day, I would compel the people to repent, turn from their wicked ways and take up eternal living in Yahweh King Jesus. I would not fear if people would love Me or if they would shun My work if there were real surgings. Servant, if you really believe, why fear what church leaders say? If you believe that there is a Heaven and a Hell, why shy away from giving out My way of saving? If you truly love your family, why hide? Why pretend?


Your old married name is not who you are turning into. Please understand: You have been married to him for more than two decades. It is who you were in the heaviest wilderness. And even though you dealt with hardship with certain parts connected to his way, they will not determine who you will become: Seersgate. Seersgate has begun. And then, in three years, I will let you stand as World Prophet Seersgate, where only the new way will lead. The two old ways will be linked to World Prophet Seersgate once that’s given. And in three years, also Royal Sanctum will be here in its fullest.


Imagine that way. Those are stages of you, turning. Now here we are, an unproven prophet giving out world-level messages that will solidify within three years. Why give them out when there is so much time? So that the surging way happens and builds up. A prophet gives a message of how the way will turn. They do not give major warnings, or corrections, or spiritual shifts after the detail is clearly visible. So, your trust in Yahweh must be firm.


It’s been a while since you have been to Heaven, but I need to send you into Hell for the full report. Do not cower. Share all that I state. My way will come forward, and I will have Satan on a short plan that gives him that way of conquering. But a real power from Satan: he uses what is already governed within. As a created angel turned demon, Satan had great power from Yahweh. Satan’s beauty was hard to describe from a human plan. Yahweh made Satan. No plan Satan gives will have power able to overthrow Yahweh.


I will remove My Church, and the Church Era will be under Satan’s plan. That’s where My healing rooms will come forward.


The healing rooms will show a Kingdom power that comes straight from the Throne of Yahweh. That’s why the blue surging from Heaven is pushing your whole way. You must have a great surging—just like a prophet from old—to carry the weight of a world-level calling. The weight of the work has power that shifts the whole world.


Can I have you as solely under grace so you can act however you want with such great power? Should I care if any human stands with your way? Should you cower in the corner, still, just because that Elizabeth City pastor said that you are off course and into Satan’s plans?


Can you still, with visions, see the forty angels standing guard over your way? Can you still see in your seeing how they guard you in their metal-armor protective ways? An Angelic Guard comes with a person in an office position. Every person in one of the five office positions has this level of protection but not with so many angelic members. A majority of office members have 3 to 5 angels in their Angelic Guard. You have a whopping 40, along with an angelic host, standing by in the nearby heavenly realm.


You have dealt with many visits from Satan, and you have dealt with major demon torture. That witch has a clear vision of who you are turning into and will long to have a meeting with you. Grant it but only after announcing the beginning of the Age of the Antichrist. Gordon has our first interview. Let’s stay grounded in that plan.


You are an unproven prophet who must declare Yahweh’s great will even on painful separation from all former ways. Build them, these healing rooms, when it’s in the way of the street ministry. Fear no demon. The level of power pouring out from your way is not a natural phenomenon. You are given life in this era of natural time to yield into the earth the new era, the era known as the Age of the Antichrist. Speak Yahweh’s will.


Build a healing room where the poorest way is the scapegoat. I say Washington, D.C. is the way you will go. Leave your current husband here in Houston, for Yahweh has literally begged him over the past certain natural years to bend and go there. He would have had to pay for us to move there first to show he has faith, but instead, he went and moved you here where his true heart still stands. Yahweh closes that former way and will not make him. That is why there is a delay in moving up north.


You now need to build up the work and the income and the surging in stages over a three-year plan.


We gave him a chance to yield and follow your way, but he couldn’t let the guilt be dealt with for saying “yes” to his ex, her filing for divorce, and moving away. But it is not the former way that will cause this work to build. It is Yahweh showing the people that I do condone this work, which is extremely controversial. I say that because it is so different from how the church outlets are yielding the Kingdom work this very day. So, here is a clearer seeing of the plan.


For the Servant


Yahweh shares a final way:


When you look at Scripture, even King Jesus noticed that He had to wait on power to move in doing the Kingdom work. Even with so much power, King Jesus did not look at how He walked but trusted the Kingdom order. What human can think they will excel without power in Yahweh?


You were begging over and over for a real way, but it cannot be given unless you have a need to attend to. That is why I orchestrated this plan to visit your mom so that there would be a real power impartation into you and into the ones you touch or engage. Can you see it? There must be a real reason I will give you power and begin street ministry.


Something must happen. And the only way to be ready is with a full breaking fast. And that is what is ahead. What is the great need in this current age? The vaccine is a bandage over a great unveiling of what is eminent.


The Age of the Antichrist is a time frame of healing. But is it only about the Church Body being healed? No. A spiritual shift is needed to have healing in eternal ways. Yahweh heals body, soul, and spirit. What plan will bring forth the beginning of a three-year presentation? Father’s Day 2022.


In the Age of the Antichrist, the Church will be under a microscope evaluation. The Bride of Christ will be getting ready to go up. I don’t need books, business cards, and web ways to begin. I should have you ready that if I send you out into a local church gathering, that the surging within your spirit will come forward. I must have a ready servant.


See, what is the church culture of today? A form of godliness. Where is the real power? Why aren’t the churches filled with people begging for a touch from anyone with a genuine connection with Yahweh? Because they are quiet.


Remember what Scripture says about how there were periods of silence? Right before a big presentation, there is a quiet way. It is where there is a waiting for natural time to be fulfilled. And when the fullness in natural time is here, the power for the new plan will lead without advertising, without having to give social treats and people-pleasing activities.


When the new era is to begin, a power from Yahweh will lead, and churches will have to shift. So, what is the need to give a world-level prophet? You have to declare every message ever spoken that is active from your wilderness plan from the Year 2008.


What is Yahweh sharing with you? You were placed on many holds off and on, but I have such great power that I can bring you into a synced timing from 2008. It is from the year that Yahweh made you enter a deeper wilderness, and ten years, it would put you at 2018. Now, what is three years later? The current natural year. Shouldn’t this Christmas begin the full weight? You can see it; you just don’t understand.


Where did all the yearly stages take way? Where were the real ways of engagement? I count social media as tester mantle work. I gave everyone who walked with you a way of testing to gauge their way of loyal heart ways. See it. They all had to be weighed.


I had to harden him within so that he would stay and cower to how they leverage him. I had to make them think that you are not hearing from God so that you will know the real ways of rejection. That is the hardest way, dealing with rejection from so-called close people. And if they were not willing to bring a way of wanting to be a close way with you even with My keeping you hidden, I viewed them as cut from the mantle.


Even with a hardened heart, there will be a feeling that they should consider spending a moment with your way. When they get a message in a text from My way through your texting acting as My hand, they should look at it as My will and respond to Me. When they ignore it, that shows Me that they have no respect for My word. And I will no longer look their way. When you return to northern Virginia, take no one who ignored Me when we dealt with their way. I trained you as a prophet of old. No lenient way is given.


I will pour out the fullest placement within your spirit this Christmas, connected to the vow that keeps you. No more old living ways can keep with your way. A full-power yielding is mandatory. You cannot have any of those items. That would break our covenant, which is a conditional full power release. We must have you take in the full weight on Christmas Day. The full weight—nothing else. You will learn how to work at a world-level plan in a quick way. So, it’s all done. The fullness is upon you. And now there is only natural and spiritual breaking left. Christmas Day—a special day for a major world-level prophet. Amen.




October 24, 2022


Yahweh is leading:


Now you will take on the major ninety-day stripping. And you will drink stronger.



For the Servant


This Yom Kippur launches the activation for a real power release in the fullest placement in world sphere prophet duties that will be fully sealed this Christmas 2021. Yahweh clearly shares His great will:


Are you ready for what Yahweh is saying? There is power in the name of Jesus. The people need to humble themselves and seek King Jesus for the forgiveness of sin. You are My chosen servant, called to walk in a purpose. But there isn’t any proof that you are a real prophet. Some do not embrace women being prophets or leading over men in church structure. I took you out of the current church structure and placed you under a training power way as if you are living in the times of the natural Elijah in date frame.


You have been shunned by family, friends, other preachers, and strangers. You are without real comfort, and you are no longer welcomed over to other people’s homes here in Houston. Your nature is a welcoming way, but these bitter people do not see the way you have been given in the prophet’s work sphere. They hate the harshness of Yahweh. They hate learning of the Old Testament version of Yahweh. They would rather have leading ways in mercy and grace while still giving sin a weekly reign within.


Their way will beg for a taste of My presence, but I will flee from their nature. My Spirit will not give them a way to enter My covenant attached to My servant. They must come to have a relationship with Me. I was just wanting to have those who have faith drink in the King’s will without having a proof.


What of Noah? Could he let any doubter into the ark when it started raining? Could there be a way to let them into the ark when it floated? No one wants to be ignored or left out of a prosperous plan, but can they still be given a plan to drink the Kingdom will when they sin and hurt My servant?


How harsh was Yahweh with the children of Israel? How often did the Great Way give them opportunities to yield and take in the way of Kingdom order? Many chances were given. With your work, We gave them many chances to have a way of joining with your work. But they look at how you are his wife, and they place a judgment against you. They look at who you were twenty years ago and judge you based on old sins you already dealt with and expelled. How many apology letters should you give to them? How many “I’m sorry, I was wrong for acting that way” should you move forward? I’m not an ill-speaking powerful Yahweh. I am merciful, loving, and protective.


I am able to see how My servant will take on major rejection with other Christians under the whole outlet. I can see them splitting up My messages and laughing and mocking My way with their playing prophecy outlets. I can visualize you under heavy pain, in spirit, how they will have no mercy. And you will be labeled to them as a bona fide heretic, false prophet, a cult leader, and a jezebel without having you let them see My great power operating in fullest placement in your mantle.


I can see it: you will go and cry great sobbing tears every day when you face a world-level way against you for how you are here to reform governments and the world-level Church. And I will not let My words fall to the ground. They are in cut-off ways—the ones who just came to mind. I will take you into the greatest seeing way you have ever tasted. I will not falter. My hand will push the full work. I am Yahweh, God of all spirits. I will take great care of your whole way. I will give strength so you can endure.


They will long to drink from your private meetings. But they rejected My plan, and so I will no longer place a notice forward. You are a shunned way, unproven. But that’s how Yahweh brings forward major shiftings; I have to give major words, then have the word bring forward the end result. And sometimes, you will have to wait for that message to push forward in the fullest place. While you wait, the rejection builds up. You have to be firm. You must know that your God spoke to your way.


And that is what We are doing with your way: pushing major world-level messages without having them fully grown yet. The people hear these messages and cannot fathom that there needs to be a maturity. But Yahweh says to write and give them into the earth. And when the fullness of natural time has come, Yahweh will bring forth the mature action in a natural presentation. It is Yahweh who pushes world-level messages. Yahweh gives the powerful pushing in the spirit realm.


And what is the hardest judgment? “I never knew you. Depart from My great presence.” That way is the hardest judgment, and now I will declare that on those cut-off ones from My world prophet’s work: Seersgate will not ever give you attention through her mantle, nor will her prophet way cover you and your household. Yahweh must judge those who have willfully turned their back on My way and ignored My message by their hardened heart towards My servant.


I will no longer let that city-level prophet, who is a removed worker, drink Me from your mantle. But I will torture her for her slander against My servant and will give her an update on your progress as the days go on; for one day, you will have such a major crowd following that there will be a police force covering your movement.


What if that takes place as early as next year? I showed you how there would be pickets and protests of how you are causing deaths. And not by natural outlets that these deaths take way. Yahweh will bring out a powerful judgment on any who come near to your mantle, who has an irreverent heart towards Yahweh.


You are a natural way; Yahweh comes forward and protects His way of world-level work that has been placed within. You are not a prophet without power; I only let certain ones glimpse it. Isn’t that how the Great Way King Jesus walked within two natures as the God-Man? Without the covering over the way His God nature truly stands, there would have been a great slaying just from Him speaking about the judgments towards the religious leaders.


But not being enabled to recognize who the Great King Jesus was while walking in His earthly ministry did not take away all He really was within and still is: God-Yahweh. Do not ever become comfortable in My presence where you lack a holy fear. Let Yahweh have your attention as the Great God I AM. Never hate your enemies, but do not feel that you have to be cordial with them in public to have a false presentation.


Power, not natural wealth, is the way. And you have My power. Let Me call you forward. And let Me give you a covenant active in your eyes. Let Me give out this great healing manual. Let My presence permeate within. I will fully validate you. I will let them see how her evil web has tortured your way over the natural years when your husband enters the death way. That’s fair. Let him have what’s left.


If I want to leave here, I will take you and take away every hindering detail. And I will shield him from My anger to have you have him for a little while longer. Yahweh is about to push judgments on the cut-off ones where it comes forward in the natural, and I will not have a way planned that will end that until you are no more. It is a great power that will lead over the past ways. Power—that is your way.


Yahweh gives a real power option:


Servant, you can clearly see the way Yahweh will push forward. There can be no others connected to your mantle. There can be no continual drinking from the power within your spirit. Even with the ones who are given a plan to still stay joined in permanent ways, the three-year presentation will take them off from that way so that they will look at how they must always see that they have the way to see and hear with a spiritual flair based on the method of covenant joining. See it; they will need to give honor to Me, not take credit for how they see and hear.


You will surge heavily by Christmas. The prophet will be clearly seen. It will be similar to glowing at night. You will be clearly seen by every real prophet and every witch or Satan worshipper with Satan’s delegated surging. I will make all the real dismembered, cut-off ways drink in a permanent spiritual torture where your face will ever be before them. I will have them continually crave to drink from your mantle though you will never let it take way.


I will make every servant of Yahweh—removed or active—drink My way of what you are purposed to stand with. There will be no further reaching out to anyone who dishonored you or My work. If they ignored your way, there will not be a plan to make them see you or spend time with your way. We will not enter their dwelling nor publicly engage as if there is a friendship. And when the world begs to sit at your way to hear Yahweh give them a great will, I will no longer cater to covering their way.


Woe, woe, woe to those permanently removed from your mantle: The Great Yahweh comes strongly against their way. With the temporary non-drinking group who will not get a continual surging for a three-year power way: I will give little nuggets here and there to keep you from falling away. But there must be a realization that you cannot be spirit seeing, hearing, and tasting at a lower but continual way without drawing it from a provider.


When there is a direct method to take care of your way, servant, I will make sure that the provision, protection, and power stays intact. Never feel any sympathy for how I treat the full cut-off ones. That will make it look as if you think My judgment is unfair. See?


Yahweh continues:


This is not the era of the supernatural. Power will come forward in the new era, but it will be a time of judgment and great terror as Satan’s world leader comes forward and brings a major shift to how the world operated. And My healing rooms will bring a surging power that will heal all except for the cut-off. For the cut-off, I will not let My surging power rule over their way. It is a permanent curse against them.


Now, look at how these Christians mock false and real servants who give My will. I will overlook their blindness with those they go against. Some are fake servants, and some are immature, and some have a real office work that needs to be nurtured. They see with their far Lutheran way, not seeing that their way is tainted.


Woe, woe, woe. Whoever comes against a world-level prophet has nowhere to get shelter, for a world-level prophet has a governing way that gives the whole world the Great Way’s will. And I have spoken that I will put a cut-off curse within the persons who came against you. They need to see that plan and acknowledge that they do not embrace this power way.


You will give all new cut-off persons, from Christmas 2021, a three-year warning. Let’s say they hear you on a media outlet, and they speak out and say you are a false prophet and that your work is the work of Satan: if Christmas Day 2021 is already done, they will enter a three-year trying way. And if, after three years from Christmas 2021, they still hold that judgment against you and My great work, they will join those who are solidified. Those who were in a cut-off way were solidified into their judgment on Father’s Day. I’ve sealed all those who are to drink this curse. The next way in judgment will lead in a starting way this Christmas.


There’s a break in between Father’s Day and Christmas as We transition you fully into world-level work details. I cursed the former grouping who were against you, and that curse of being cut-off took on a solidified way this past Father’s Day. Now power will build and prepare you to move into the fullness of work as a world-level prophet on Christmas, with Yom Kippur giving the activation for the full way.


Christmas Day will begin a new way, and in the first three years, there will be a trying season for those who newly are against you. And after those three years are done with, and they are still moving against you, referring to the new grouping, I will permanently cut them off and add them to the ones who are now in that cursed plan from before Father’s Day. My plan is a very solid plan, and it will now come forward. I am moving your way from the old to the new.


He loses more than he knows. I was willing to give him a funnel drinking, but he took her side and placed Me in a rejected way. Woe, woe, woe. A world-level prophet is being fully presented. And within three years, her mantle will exude in Yahweh’s way of delegated surgings of power in the fullest placement. Woe, woe, woe. A warning is clearly given, and within the new way, a three-year season before My solidification will lead.


The Beginning is Coming


Yahweh gives it:


Here is a great deceiving way. The way the movies show a way of the antichrist makes it seem as if mankind will be able to do their own schedule. When the antichrist pushes forward, Satan will use his demons to enforce his way. Even at a lower placing, Satan has a delegated surging within. And that surging will be able to bring forward a new world system. Nothing that Satan gives will be able to bring you into a submissive way when you place Yahweh as first.


Within the era that Satan leads, the Church will be given a new plan that will cause them to be placed in martyred ways. Servant, make sure that you keep a plan of humility. This surging that Yahweh is giving you requires a permanent fasting. Christmas Day sets the permanent fasting plan in place. No junk food to destroy the temple.


Be willing to be looked upon poorly. But there will be a major surging. The fight is not with flesh and blood. The battle is for souls. Be rooted firmly in Yahweh. It’s time. Six months from Christmas Day is fame with the churches. And then street ministry will lead. And before you know it, the dead will be raised.


April 8, 2022

6:31 a.m.


Yahweh seals the final plan:


These dates have passed, and nothing has taken way. It would appear that you are a false prophet. But look again. You could not handle the test crowd given in the late part of 2021. You became hostile, a way of expelling anger with others in the Christian faith.


No one would fault Me for halting your presentation. The work is not about getting a certain amount of likes and fake friends. The work is a work of power, but there must be a vessel who can take in any form of rejection. Can you now do that? You ponder, feeling that you will never be a ready way. That says that you are careful now. What should I do?


October 24, 2022

2:12 p.m.


Yahweh is leading:


I have made My decision. Seersgate, the way you will go will now lead. Seersgate, all dates surging from previous ways have shifted. The Christmas Day of this current time is now being looked upon.