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Meetings with Yahweh


What if Yahweh speaks in a raw way, unfiltered, not catering to this current grace plan? People are afraid of telling a person what must be done to bring that person into reconciliation with Yahweh. What if Yahweh shares His inner seeing about this current Church era and how the churches cater to the people? What if Yahweh gives His will concerning particular points that bring conflict in the Body of Christ? 

What price should the people pay for unified ways? Should we release Yahweh as our One True God and take up the current culture based on fear of being discarded or imprisoned? Would Yahweh defend His Word? Drink it here in short-given conversations to see that Yahweh has said, "Enough is enough. We're through with letting these churches pretend they have Yahweh when they are filled with the ways of the world."


August 16, 2022

4:44 p.m.


Yahweh is leading:


You heard a YTube guy say he referred to viewing Game of ______, and you were pondered by that. That show has extreme offenses against Yahweh’s Kingdom culture, yet that man who judges heretics and those who speak out against his way with such harsh dogmatic ways. Think about it; people who feel that once saved is always saved will sin habitually, dismissing it with a covering of grace. How can I be pleased with this?


They sin by watching heavily thick sex laced TV shows and think that their sin should be excused. Should I ignore their sin, their habitual sinful nature that they keep putting under grace? You have seen at least one episode of that show, thinking it would be a battle show. You thought it would be battle warfare, not incestuous orgies, with heavy sex acts, cannibalism with a hint of war.


Servant, sex with Christians comes in their way, feeling that they can view whatever they want. They view heavily murder-filled shows and sex-based videos, saying, “I’m still saved. I have grace.” Well, here is a warning: There is a person’s choice to take in My free will of salvation. If “little old you” make a plan to say you will embrace My covenant, My way of covenant will not ever be forced. No prison. No robots. And that’s what I did with Adam and Eve: they were not to lose what they had in Me. But I gave them a choice still. Even Adam and Eve.


Servant, what a person watches shows their true heart. They marinate in what they see. They say a woman’s chest is just like a man’s, but it is not really so. The idea of mating and nurturing comes from the woman’s breasts. To see the woman’s breasts brings comfort but to look at another woman that isn’t yours is to move in sin, bringing your way into an adulterous way.


For him to say he even knows the actor’s fake name and what should have happened—that way is ingrained. The visions of actions are still there. Quoting so many Scriptures will not save anyone. No one can endure continual sin, even as a believer, and think that their spirit is not being hit in a damaging way. How can he judge others when he is blatantly filled with sinful living?




February 21, 2022

11:27 a.m.


Yahweh is leading:


Servant, I thought that you would not stay a hidden powerful prophet? Yes, I have ways, and I have thoughts. Do you have the mind of Christ? Yes, you do, being a seer. But are We able to have you bend?


I will let that real bride of Satan have an interview with your way on one condition: I want the interview at the location I say and not at any plan governed by her ruling. It must be done on My territory through My media, using My edit plans. There will not be a way to set you up and cut and dice your words to harm what Yahweh builds forward.


Please see it; I have been keeping you hidden by hiding the work—closing off websites and media outlets to keep you from presentation. That was before your 22nd wedding anniversary. You were not under a power of having all three elements active in your mantle, but now you are walking in the full way. All the prophet traits are coming forward, and now you can stand and begin declaring the will of the coming plan.


The declaration way is beginning. I will now let you have verbal talk about what is lining up ahead. What does that say? I will not let you pretend a regular way is your plan. We are going to push harder than the previous ways.


See how that way in Dallas is carrying a way of a covenant with a major witch under their church house? Are you looking at how they have services and talk with the woman that has done the greatest damage in battle against a way of holiness? She has taught many that there will not be judgment for sin and that the Brown and Black races should never let the bitterness go. Her heart is black as the darkest night, but she is hiding under the phrase, “I am a Christian because I love everyone, and God is love, and He would not send anyone of His creation to Hell.” See how she entangles the churches with a “Master Deceiver” spirit—just giving enough truth in her Hell-leading statements. This Black way of the slavery mental way is heavy in her work. Her movies, television ways, and statements drip with racism and hidden actions of despising the White race.


You are a mixed way so that I can have you be a bridge. We want to give another way of looking at your DNA. The Asian and Scandinavian/Norwegian traits will come forward. Be a content way in Yahweh’s way of remaking you—a modern-day servant who will bring delivering ways within the church structure.


Break off what Satan’s bride did. She may sit on the front pew with that crossdresser who imparts demons into the pastor for a tithe way, but no demon in Hell will ever hinder the Gospel of your God named King Jesus by stripping away the real way.


There is no fear; I will not let it take over your way. Look in the Scriptures; find Me one prophet of old who was afraid to give a real message to any natural leader; neither will you. For whenever you take on rebellion, I will torment you with the very demons sent as training outlets for world sphere street ministry.


We will give Gordon your time. He will gain a way of serving with our Rain That Heals way through giving My will in natural training.


The old way is done with—no more hiding from any. You have no formal public speaking skills that would place you as a professional speaker. Please just say the word Yahweh gives. Read it off the screen, and don’t give fake ways. We will give power; you give them My Word. Don’t worry about the weight. With ninety days of food stripping, there will emerge your way in a stable weight way.


February 22, 2022

5:09 p.m.


Yahweh gives a grim warning:


What is she doing, servant? She is spreading him.




Some warnings are cautionary. Some warnings state what could happen when there is a free-will plan, and no life-threatening spiritual ways would come forward.




You heard that witch giving you her will. She said that you are powerful. And she is a bride of Satan. How can you hear her ways in a private conversation? That is one of your prophet traits.


Just like a prophet of old, I gain you a plan to be here and still hear these private conversations. But I do not let your way spirit travel to hear these. I literally play back a verbal conversation as if you hear it in person.


That witch has great surgings from her lowercase god, and yet her way is not denying your way of office traits. So, why now? Why activate your hearing on this new level? Many will become followers of how Yahweh gives, but their hearts may not have Our nature way. So, how I need you to have a leading requires not being tricked. Go on with your plan.




The warning Yahweh gives, it pertains to operating under Kingdom order. Imagine there is a sick person who can transfer a disease from a touch. Their hands have a coating that rubs off on others through contact. The people hug and touch the one with the sickness because they are comfortable with that person’s presentation. They seem warm and friendly and could not hurt them. The first impression “feels” right, and there is no checking off within that gives a warning, a caution of a sickness that could lead to death.




Let Me talk, servant.


The one who gives a new plan has a pleasing presentation. A gentle demeanor, saying kind, gentle words. The way of attack is by a spiritual plan. But no one can prove it—not yet. The one who smiles and says kind soft-spoken words causes many to take in her illness. Her hands, her soft ways are blinding from what scary way is hiding.


If you ripped off her spiritual face of smiles and kind words, there would not be a Kingdom plan from Yahweh revealed.


A demon is now in your spiritual seer plan. I ripped off her fake way of smiles and words of “hope and healing” and put on her the head of a demon with a great number of horns. The demon has very large ears and is in a satisfied way of staying in a human who has a baby-level wisdom, launched into the way of revival from a demon-based outlet.


If I said her name, a great many would have anger. They will know of how kind her words were. Her smile will turn into the demon mentioned, a hard plan of getting deceiving ways. The one who carries herself as a host has no previous training—an inexperienced plan, given a platform that spreads her impartation from a African warlock.


Witches and warlocks now take on the names of Apostles and Prophets.


How can a church gathering use manifesting of spirits as a sign that Yahweh gives power? Great deception. Great spreading of sinful infestations is taking over. The churches are dirtying themselves with a vile action. I did not give that Ka____ lady a surging. She is spreading her way—a blinded child, leading many into deep demon fillings. See it; Christians can take in demons from transfers and impartations.


The revival is a fraud.


What are you to do? Wash the people, not by Yahweh’s blood but by judgment and a purifying fire. Kingdom order must come forward. A set-in plan structure of what outlets of revivals are to take on must come forward through a unified action—no rogue outlets letting anyone give impartations.


There must also be a wiping out of the false apostles and prophets I have not called. They are operating on hyper actions and have no real power from My hand. They spread their lies and how they understand My plan with talk. Churches are turning into houses of deception. Each one is doing what they feel works but lacking My backing.


I will not let you lay hands on the commoners. Let them taste My power from My hand as I would will it. Then no one can say you transferred anything.


I will not have demons speak in My meetings. I will not bow down to that practice that is taking over. The churches crave some spiritual engagement; and so, they let demons speak in My services! How can I have pleasure in this? Why would Yahweh let demons speak in His meeting place? I will not allow that plan and let demons speak.


Your actions are to only yield to Yahweh.


If one squirms on the floor, let Me bring delivering actions. Let them squirm, but do not show that demon attention. Here is an example of what I would have you walk in:


Susanna says, “Yahweh, welcome here in our hearts, and have Your way with us.” And Yahweh would bring forward a powerful surging that would shake up whatever demon hides within. There might be manifestations, but Yahweh will deal with a demon and will not have your way run over and let Satan’s part gain microphone time or staging. And I would say, “Seersgate, speak worship words. Pray to Me.” And as you pray, sing, or yield, We (Yahweh) will heal, deliver, and set the people free.


Your attention will always be focused on Yahweh. That’s what honoring your God Yahweh would look like.


Come and share Yahweh’s power. Do not let a child have governing leadership ways. Do not let African witch doctors give out their impartations in America, your tester nation. Govern with a firm hand.


Love her but make her understand by lovingly letting her know that her way must renounce that demon impartation and come under Kingdom order. Sit her down. Get her off the platform.




A special note: Sometimes, Yahweh doesn’t say “an” when needed but would use an “a.” It’s not a grammatical error but a note of the actual way spoken.


A Partial Excerpt


The Great Yahweh has a major detail that will give a true outlook. 




Details shared in this way will be a conflict with both sides. How can that plan have a way to lead, where this great wisdom from Yahweh will be a hard plan to deal with? Can a gay person truly be a real Christian in the true Kingdom of Yahweh? Can God pour out His Spirit upon a sinful person and cause them to walk out in great ways of signs, wonders, and miracles?


What plan would have to come forward to see it, that Yahweh is looking for those who are His, to worship Him in spirit and in truth? Are those who walk in the gay way included in the true family of God? Here is the question that should be placed in bold print: Is there a true covenant way with that person’s spirit and the Great I AM? 


What is homosexuality, in a loose wording? It is to be sexually and emotionally connected in a personal drinking of sexual acts with a same-sex outlet. Why would the context of emotional connections also be stated? Where there is any exchange of sexual activity, there will be a mutual transferring of whatever spirit dwells within their partner.


With same-sex dealings, there is a void of natural penetration, yet the nature of the sexual fondling and probing will bring a sexual climax that will mimic actual sex with the opposite way in gender, which will, in turn, bring a major soul tie connection.


That person is not his or her soulmate based on how that person had them first. It’s a soulish connection that makes that person think that that man or woman will always belong to them, in joining. And even when a person makes it clear that details are truly from My way, there will still be a longing for revenge.


You have a way to see it: People date others and would think that there should always be a territorial right to the former way. That person must let go and move on in a new way.


Talking about the way they first met gives a clear way that they still think about how they once had a territorial right to that person. Is that person still theirs when there is a breakup? Should that person still reminisce about how they met, even many years later? This is how it is with a person that is very wounded.


You see it with gay people and with straight ways, how they still join up with the old way in their hearts and would call a true prophet a liar when My servant says there is a deep issue that still has to be dealt with.


You have had many sexual partners since your high school years, and in these joinings, you have justified your whoremongering ways with how you just wanted to feel a special way. You gained attention with very revealing outfits. You took a great amount of pictures of your way just so that you could divert attention away from other women’s spouses.


We showed you your many errors even while you were sleeping around with others. I came to you in visions and in dreams to bring a clearer warning so that you wouldn’t be destroyed by Satan. Your hunger for a money way gave you a major blindness that the path that you had taken would lead to death.


We called you over and over to a deep repentance, yet you kept saying that there will always be time to repent. But you were living in deep sin, blaspheming the One True God, giving sinful infestations into others.


You were labeled as a cult leader, a person who took advantage of others, a false prophet, a misled novice who is leading people astray. Who are you, and why would Yahweh have all of that detail placed in this major controversial way? It’s because I am not allowing the slander.


I will now give you the wisdom that will prove to the whole world that We are with you. Yahweh is God of the universe. His patience is very strong, and at the same time, there is a moving in His justice, where He will bring a purpose forward that will be firmly rooted in protecting His true prophet. And it will all be fully a revealed way as Yahweh pushes the full way forward. 


Why would God say that it is against His nature to have a same way in gender, have an intimate way of being with one another, and in the same way of the ways people see, would then give His blessing? That does not make natural sense, yet there are those who will call their way a Gay Christian.


Stating that you are gay and a Christian moves out of spiritual order of the faith foundation in its full detail. That’s the same statement as saying they represent a Nazi-Jew way or that they are a Satanist-Christian. It is a clashing of foundational truths that gives a background that is not accurate in stating.


There is a true way in love for any person who is gay, and I would allow you to hire a gay person in their way of work duties outside of the Seersgate umbrella as a strict business transaction. To bring a clearer way: If we go to the local grocery store, are we first going to ask that person if he or she engages in same-sex dealings before giving them our groceries to ring up? Are we going to ask that habitual liar about their fake, hypocritical way in church before letting them lay hands upon your way? It’s the root.