Reform - Seersgate

Excerpts are given below.


The Old Way, Removed, Torn Down,

and Restructured with a Culture of Eternal Ways

This book will not give the little details to manage a nation but will provide a Kingdom view through seeing certain traits in a country that could hinder walking in a culture that benefits all people. 

The wisdom of Yahweh is needed to bring any Kingdom plan into natural details and have it influence the way we humans live and engage. To say we follow Yahweh and not aim to have a Kingdom culture here, we would think that our forms of earthly order are best suited. 

Whose vote would determine how the people should live? Where is the power surging given by our Creator? Shouldn't the human race, brought forward from Him, bring Yahweh's spiritual traits into their living environment? 

A Reformation Prophet learns what Kingdom order and shiftings would look like in this training manual through a test scenario. The real purpose of learning Yahweh's way of living is to bring Kingdom order into the natural realm, moving in the ways of a prophet of old. And in Yahweh's perception, Seersgate's approach in leading must have Yahweh's methods and means of how to tear down, uproot, rebuild and establish. 

Yahweh will give an overview of how to shift one nation and even the world. 

Can we bring Kingdom order on Earth? What plan must lead in the ways of bringing reform? We must first understand that Yahweh must have the final say, and His Kingdom culture must infiltrate.


Letter 1: It’s Time for a Change


Yahweh helped Seersgate prepare this letter in a previous season that took way before the Year 2019, yet we updated the letter on June 3, 2022.


Obama Era

Dear Mr. President:


Mr. President, your road seems very long and very hard. There is always a moment when you regret having made this major health care bill. But there is a great plan to take you from this mess. There is a great plan that would be able to shift the way details look in your government structure that would bring a specific order to withstand the strain and stand in this turbulent way.


Your government has been infiltrated by those who will use you to get ahead. They are greedy, looking for your money—referring to U.S. wealth and resources. What plan can you give to secure the current wealth and resources with the nation’s full backing in the details you seek in private meetings? Will it be through these dealings that can hurt one group while crippling another group?


How can this nation continue to pretend it moves in united ways? A title with the word “united” does not say there will be united ways, what you dreamed. A nation united in a common plan will not manifest without a way to deal with all root details left poisoned.


First, get rid of the people near you who have a motive that cannot be in unity with the ulterior goal. You seek those who will hear the truth while having those who give deceptive ways without any shame in those details. What about plans received from Yahweh, the Great Way King Jesus? Have you considered that He has a great goal that you could embrace in giving this nation a genuine hope that your staff in the White House will not write?


Have you considered changing out your administration to replace them with those who will be able to walk in Kingdom authority, with the Great Way living within, where they will actually be able to walk in Kingdom rule over their sphere of influence, in earthly details?


Have you considered that you should vote against this health care bill and look to a grander way of helping the people? What will be able to take care of so many people with these illnesses? What would be a powerful solution to your major dilemma? How can you expect to change the nation when you place other gods before the One True God named King Jesus? Repent, for He must rule within you so you will be able to make the better way in choices to help the nation.


Your earthly wisdom has failed. You must look with Kingdom vision to know what plan to follow through and embrace. Appoint people based on the King’s way—with a Kingdom authority. This position has nothing to do with Church and State, blending in a way to overrule the people’s will. It will bring Kingdom rule—only to change the details around you to reflect a way of living that would bring true peace, with other ways to impart deep healing.


God’s plan is also spiritual, and you are a spirit in a fleshly tent, with a soul that makes the decisions. Now it’s time for you to let your spirit take over—to follow the Great Holy Spirit’s counsel, to run the nation known as the United States of America with Yahweh’s backing. Isn’t that better? Who cares if you have to say you’re sorry for the mistakes you made. Say it, but then make it clear that you seek a more excellent counsel not given through earthly drinking.


Get counsel to run this nation but get it through the person who hears the Great Holy Spirit’s will. People already think you have failed them. This standing in the office is truly where a popularity vote can be discarded. Now give the One who created you a chance to show you His will in changing the nation so that there is a reflection of the King’s will in each detail.


You will be just well if the President chooses to yield to godly counsel from Yahweh, His way. Will you first accept Yahweh’s Spirit to live in you by taking King Jesus as your God and have Him forgive you of your wrong ways against Him? We all have sinned. We all have fallen and need King Jesus to wash us in His precious blood. Will the Great King move in you to help you lead this nation with His wisdom? It’s truly your choice.

Letter 2: A New Plan is Given


Obama Era

Dear Mr. President


Mr. President, may I address another detail? There seems to be a major break in Church and State, in legal details. Can you hear me in the midst of the angry members of the different ways in religion and nonreligious standing? Those who vote against the very core of this detail surely hope for a remedy greater than a few empty promises. You need a Helper with you who is able to give you very firm ways to move in dealing with the religious and with those who play their own lowercase god.


How do you truly feel, knowing so many people hope that you would actually change this nation? Churches put up pictures of you in place of King Jesus, based solely on your race than on the wisdom needed from the Great Way King Jesus. You have great delegated authority, and this is not due based on a plan that a voter made you their way of a figurehead. You surely have delegated authority based on King Jesus placing you in that office for this season in this nation known as the United States of America.


Do you know how it feels to have a loyal following that will not desert you when you become unpopular with others? Who is really with you? Power will make many say they are walking with you. But most leaders cannot take true friendships in a deep way: Too many will hate or kill for any way to exalt their own way. Tell me, who can you truly talk to concerning how you truly think of this nation’s debt and major racial struggles? Who has a way with you in that way, where you can boldly give your true heart in sharing this weight that is upon you?


Look at the people using you. Look at the people saying they are with you. But who would say this if it meant they would lose everything, including their reputation? Do you have a friend such as this? There will be a day where you will truly need a major counseling session with a true leader in touch with the One who is the only real Helper you will ever need.


It is that time to look deeper into the root issues concerning Church and State to bring deep breakage into this nation. You have a great longing within for real change, but with moving with no actual power to shift those issues, you stand alone against a major mountain flowing with lava that cannot be moved or handled with touch. You need a lift over this mountain you have in your way just due to your position in this nation. It truly is not a mountain that you created: The mountain of issues was handed down to each nation’s leader, and it grew over many years. This way of being hot lava is a representation of those details yet to still solve in the very fabric you carry as the nation’s leader. How can you do all of this cleaning and fixing? You truly cannot, for the old way must be blown up, where a new foundation is built, where all new leaders will take on a clean slate, with setups that move in building a nation—not having it split to give each group their own way.


Reconsider, Mr. President. Reconsider what you dwell on this day. You cannot fix it. There must be a yielding in you, where you truly give up your way over to the proposal you will drink deeply in a major power way in the King. There will be many against you, with a fierce way to show it. You have to be strong in what will is given in the Great Way King Jesus. It may sound impossible. It may be considered absurd. But even with these earthly wills given by others, you must know within you that a plan in true freedom shall be given in this major structural shift. Be ready to drink it within you, sir. 

Letter 3: Mini Gardens

Obama Era

Dear Mr. President


Imagine getting rid of all hospitals and replacing them with massive healing rooms. The work would be a great project—to build a room that would have glory levels that would cure any who would walk into that way. Can healing rooms come with a potent level of glory, where they would cure a person of cancer or heart failure or of missing body parts?


Healing comes from Yahweh, in various forms—not just with a miraculous touch, but God gives doctors medicine to hold healing, to cure. We will not make it look as if only instant healing is truly faith. You have to truly see that healing—all forms—truly will be given in the Great King. 


There can also be healing that would look as if it comes from Yahweh. Satan can give counterfeit healings, with a demon, to make that person think they are well. With witch doctors, demons will have a leading way to give a false healing, to make that witch look as if they have the power to heal. Even a cut that has to heal will have to be fully healed with the will in King Jesus. God the Great King Jesus spoke all healing into existence when He created laws that govern the natural human way. 


Healing can truly bring a very strong-willed person to their very knees when they need a true meeting with Yahweh. What has to be done to get a powerful nation to look at God and bend its knee to give God Almighty the full way to govern? Yahweh truly gives the man, woman, boy, and girl a way to lead different dealings, to bring Kingdom influence with any natural plan and certain power ways. 


How can God have healing rooms? Will God’s plan be implemented without a plan of conflict? What will church ways have in this way that will bring in major harvests? A church way will want to house the power of God in their own way, hoping that their way would be given power ways just by association. But God will not give major surgings to any other just based on their way of being in a structured religion-based setting. 


Organized religion will not govern the power surging. God’s power cannot be governed by any human or by details of development set in place with human authority. What can truly have God’s power and allow that power to go forward in its fullest strength? Yahweh will not give a governing of the surging into a local church way based on the level of surging that has to be maintained. 


Power in the Great Way will not ever be given out to humans over weekend circus dealings, nor will God’s power give a false plan that will be a faith healing movement that will give some doubt of true healing. God can heal in stages without being fake, but He also can heal with a full healing that can change a given way in any. Healing can be in a planned way, and healing can be spoken. Healing will not look the same way with the healing rooms in place. You have to look at the way that the Church way walks in. Millions make it based on reading a good healing plan. There will be great income that will be in decreased ways when God places up any healing room. 


How come others will not make a way to build up healing rooms? Will faith be in a needed way to get this way moved on? What kind of faith will be needed? It will not matter, for Yahweh will not need the faith that is based on human drinking. God will place healing ways based on having a plan that will be given, to have a way to infiltrate with a Kingdom purpose. When He placed a tabernacle, there was His will to give a way to have a meeting plan with His creation. Then God came, in human flesh, to make a way to build a bridge that would reconcile man back to the Creator. That plan will still be a full will, as there is only one way to be in the Kingdom. 


You have to live in God’s Kingdom at the will that God gives. Take a look at the Garden of Eden: They walked with God and were in such unity that they did not fear a separated way. When they sinned, the Creator gave a plan based on a will to reconcile them back to His way, referring to all of mankind. Could God’s moving in the Garden of Eden still be a way that is still leading? Little Gardens of Eden throughout the whole world.