The Altar - Seersgate

Conversations with King Jesus


These are message excerpts from The Altar. Yahweh wanted to share these with the people without them having to buy the book.

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AUGUST 4, 2010

Message from the Lord


Yahweh says:


Write about how people have turned away from Me, Susanna, and how they have gone after other gods. Write how they have become unfaithful to Me, an adulterous generation. They want My hand but not My face. They seek the gifts but not the Giver. They have become lazy, satisfying their own needs, neglecting to seek Me first.


What do they expect? Do they expect Me to be close when they dishonor Me? They must write My Word on their hearts. Stop giving Me lip service. I am the God of all. I must come first. There should be no other gods before Me, yet people have their homes and their lives overshadowed by idols. The idols are as dung in My eyes. Their offerings to Me are as dung because of their association with the world.


No more. No more can they praise Me with their lips, and their heart is far from Me. No more. I do not receive these offerings. I do not receive them. They want to win in their lives, yet they are turning to horoscopes instead of the One True God. How can I honor this? How can I? My people have turned from serving Me. They are serving false gods. Their hearts have been consumed by the things of this world.


My heart aches for My people. My heart longs to love on My people in such a way where there is freedom in their lives, breakthrough, deliverance from the traps of the enemy. My heart longs for this, to see My people get back what is already available for them. What is available is My heart. My heart is available. My heart. My heart longs to connect with their hearts. My heart longs for intimacy.


Hear the longing of My heart. Hear My heartbeat. My children, My heart is crying. My heart is longing. My heart is longing for fellowship with you. My heart is longing for intimacy with you. Come back to Me. Come back to Me, and let Me be your First Love. Come back to Me. I want to shower My love on you. I want to shower My heart on you and give you good things and see you healed and see you restored and renewed. I want this.


Turn away from your sin. Turn away from the cares of this world, from the false gods. Turn back to your First Love. Come back to Me, My love, My beloved, My precious ones. Don't stay in rebellion. The time is short. The time is now here for true repentance. The time is now here for true repentance.


Hear My heart. Hear My heartbeat. Let us beat as one. Search for Me. Seek after Me. Look for Me. Seek Me, and you shall find Me. I am here longing for our reunion. I am longing. I am calling. Come. Come now. Don't waste another moment out of My presence. Don't look for the false. Look for Me. Look for Me.


Don't wait. Time is short. This moment will not be forever. Don't wait. Hear My cry for you, My love. Come. Come back to Me.



JANUARY 17, 2011

Message from the Lord


Yahweh says:


Susanna, all true healing comes from Me. I even give the doctors wisdom to bring healing to others, but people do not see that it is ultimately Me doing the healing. I created the human body. For any type of healing to take place in the body, I have to be the One doing it. I hold the world together with My Word. I hold the human body together with My Word.


I choose to heal whoever I want to heal because I am God. As people see every day when they are healed from various things such as colds and flu to major things such as cancer, I am the One doing the healing.


To Me, no sickness or disease is greater than another. I took every sin, sickness, and disease on My body. Now, people can believe Me to do a miraculous sign, and yes, sometimes I will choose to operate that way. And the reason for Me to operate that way is for My glory, not so humans can receive glory.


There are examples in Scripture that show I heal the righteous and the sinner. There are Scriptures that show I heal the just as well as the unjust. I have been doing it since the beginning of time on earthly calendars. I am not subject to time. I am outside of time. I am eternal.


My plan is for all to be healed in their hearts. This is the ultimate healing: salvation. Eternal life brings true healing. If people would see this, that I am the God who heals and that My healing is not limited to the physical body, they would see well and focus on the Good News—what I came to do, as mentioned in Luke 4. I have been healing all since the beginning.


Now, some levels or degrees, and the purpose of major healings, may vary. Some don’t realize that going to Heaven is full healing, but it is. It’s another form of healing. Some I leave sick. Not to be mean, but for a purpose. This is not for all who are sick. This is to say that some people are sick because I choose to leave them that way. I may not reveal the purpose as to why.


Others remain sick because of sin or other reasons. Because a person is sick or dies doesn’t mean a lack of faith existed in their lives. That is not so. Everyone doesn’t know My plan, nor does everyone fully understand My will. The key is to trust Me no matter what, to believe in Me with your whole heart. The key is to put Jesus first, realizing that He is in control when you release control to Him.


God will not force His way on you. He will woo you. My Spirit will call you, but I cannot force you like a robot to do what I want you to do. You must accept Me as Lord and Savior and follow Me. You must love Me with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength. You must not waiver in your faith when things don’t go the way you think they should go.


Always believe My Word. I am the Healer. I am the One who heals. Now, what you do with that information is up to you. Don’t hinder Me from working in your life because of unbelief. Always trust in Me, knowing that all things work together for good for those who love the Lord, those called according to His purpose. Not your purpose and not your will.


MAY 1, 2011

Message from the Lord


Yahweh says:


Great generals stand among us today because I still have a work to do in this world. I will use these generals to bring great change to the spiritual climate in the world today. A lot of people do not recognize My generals who are in place today because their eyes are closed. People are looking for great generals to appear from those perceived to be great by human standards. There is no power, just human influence that stems from these so-called powerful leaders that the world and the Church look to.


But I do have My generals in place. They are in place, and I am getting ready to perform a great work through these servants of Mine. People will know who My generals are, who My true generals are because My power will be with them. My hand will back up the work that I have called them to do. It will be obvious to those around them, to those around these great generals, that they have been called for such a time as this.


This is a great time, a time where many souls will come into the Kingdom. I am leading these great generals. These generals are great to the extent that they will have My great power flowing through them. It’s not that they are great because of their title or who they are in the natural. It is because of My Spirit. I am the One flowing great power through them to do My work in the land. My work.


These great generals will lead the masses to look to Me, to seek after Me. These great generals filled with My power will win many souls for Me. I am raising up mighty warriors in the land. These warriors will lead this great movement by My Spirit, by My power.


There’s no more time to prepare for this great movement to come. I have given warnings. You know ahead of time, yet you still will not prepare for what I have planned. I have shown you My plans through My prophets, yet will you heed their words? The time is short, and now it’s time for great breakthrough in the land. Now is the time to be as one in Christ Jesus. Now is the time to wake up. Time is short, and Christ’s return is soon.


JUNE 11, 2011

Message from the Lord


Yahweh says:


Imagine what the world will say. I am referring to the world as a whole when they find out you do not go to church, yet great power flows through you. How do you think that will affect the church dynamics? Will people start to wonder if there is more to life than just going to a church for a few hours?


People miss the point. It is not the ritual of going to a church building: it is coming together and worshiping Me. It is meeting together to strengthen each other. Did My Word say to gather in a church building so that you can stay close to Me? Did My Word say that I only meet with My people once a week? No, the Scriptures never said this. Those who wrote the Scriptures never said this.


There was always constant fellowship, the breaking of bread, the encouragement, not man-made rules. Those were established to control the people. And then, when the laws of the land became involved, it put an even greater bondage on the people, where it limited their activities.


What would happen if the supernatural invaded the natural? Imagine. How could you tame the supernatural? How could a human being tame what I want to bring to pass? Impossible. Impossible. This is one thing that is impossible: man taming a powerful God. Yes, man can put off or hinder what I have planned, so then I use the next one in line.


When one human vessel chooses not to be used by Me, I find another human vessel. Yes, I will not force Myself on someone to do My will, but ultimately, My will, will get done because I am God. I am God All-Powerful. People will begin to see My great power soon. I know you believe this, Susanna. Your body has been feeling the warmth of this great power. You said it felt like you were on fire because you could feel the heat of it. Imagine, Susanna. Imagine when you are filled with this great power. You must stay strong. You know there will be many religious people who will speak against this great move, and some of the reasons are because they are afraid; they don’t know what to expect. For others, they don’t want to lose control of their congregation. They forget that I am the Head of the Church and that it is My Body, not theirs.


Some are afraid of the supernatural, of what they cannot see, yet churches are filled with demons, these unseen beings that control some of them. This is not to say all churches are like this. This is referring to the establishment itself that man has put up. This is referring to the man-made rules and traditions that are not scriptural that are putting My people in bondage.


There should be freedom in My Church for My Body to worship Me in spirit and in truth, yet many in the Body dare not believe in My gifts. Many do not believe that My Spirit is with them today. Yes, My Great Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, is on the earth today, yet many will not receive My Spirit. They pretend the Great Holy Spirit does not exist.


They are afraid of what would happen if they lost control of their services where I ruled the services, where I would say, “It’s time to worship Me,” or “It’s time to pray,” or “It’s time to get into the Word.” They are focused on keeping a schedule to please the people so they can go out and eat lunch. There’s no hunger. There’s no passion for Me, for My Spirit. It’s an agenda. It’s a schedule, a form of godliness. Where’s the power? Where’s the life?


This is not referring to all. This is saying that My Body needs to wake up. This is saying that it’s time for My Body to wake up, to get out of its slumber. It’s time for this great harvest to come in, but most of My Body have no clue what they believe. They stick with these Christian clichés, yet they are pushing away those who I am calling to come home. They are pushing away the lost because of the hypocrisy. There is no fire.


There is no love, just lukewarmness that’s pushing away the lost. But now it’s time for this to change. It’s time for great change to come to the Body. It’s time for great change to come into the hearts of My people, where they serve Me with their whole heart. Clean hands and pure hearts, undying service to the King. This is what I want. No more lukewarmness. No more halfhearted service to the King.


Surrender completely. Surrender completely to the call. The Great Commission is the call. Walk out this call by the power of the living God. Seek God’s face. Turn from your wicked ways. Hunger and thirst after righteousness, and you will be filled. Seek first God’s Kingdom, and all other things shall be added unto you.


Taste and see that the Lord is good. God is faithful to do all He has promised. God is good, and He is faithful to do all He has promised. Now is the time to turn to Jesus. Now is the time to look to Him, not to your man-made ways of trying to reach God. Turn to the One True God. Turn to Jesus, the Great I AM.


Turn to Jesus the Messiah, our soon coming King. Be ready, for in the hour that you think not. Time is short, and Christ’s return is very soon.


Yahweh (cont.): Susanna, this is a message. I will show you where it begins. Yes, this goes on the website today as well. It is time, Susanna. This is why I am speaking more. Do you hear your message? This is how people will perceive it, as your message, even though these are My Words. The sharpness of it will cause many to reject it, but that is okay. I say this is okay for your sake because I want you to be willing to always speak for Me. It is okay if you are rejected because I am with you. No, I do not want people to reject Me or the messages I send through My vessels, but I want you to know that I am with you, and it is okay if you are rejected because of the words that you speak. I am with you, and you will be rejected because of the messages that you speak. You will be rejected because of the messages. They will not tickle the ears of the people, and this is what the people are longing for: messages to make them feel good. But now is the time. Now is the time for My Body to get in line. Now is the time. Yes, Susanna, and this is why you will wear black often. It’s time, Susanna. It’s time for us to move forward. It’s time for My great power to come forth. It’s time, Susanna, for us to move forward. Yes, for your eyes to be opened. It’s time, Susanna, for so much to come to pass. So much more. I know you sense this. It’s like water getting ready to overflow its banks. There’s a great flood coming. Imagine when this filters through the whole corporation. This great power will filter through. Hold on. Be ready. Be prepared. You wonder why you can’t sleep? It’s because of the supernatural interaction. It is because of what is going on in the supernatural realm. This is why you cannot sleep. You are picking up on all the activity taking place around you. And soon you will be able to see the activity. Yes, Susanna, your eyes have to be opened soon. I know you are ready for this, yet at the same time, you do not know what to expect. Just imagine seeing another layer, another dimension than what you see now. Imagine, Susanna, spirit beings walking around the room as they are now yet being able to see them. Imagine what that would look like, Susanna, being able to see two realms at one time. The realm is always there. The unseen beings are always around you. It’s just now you will be able to see what has always been around you. Your daughter can sense this as well. She has strong discernment, but she has no one to talk about this with. She doesn’t understand why these things happen to her, why she can see and sense things, but it is for a reason. The gifts that she has are for a reason. Soon, you will be able to see both realms. This is necessary, Susanna, and we must move forward in this. When it starts to happen, listen to My voice. Do not be afraid. I am with you. I created all unseen beings. I created all things. The realm is already here, Susanna. It’s just now you will be able to see it.

Seersgate: I am ready, Lord. I am ready to move forward with You. I wait for You, Lord. I am Your servant. I love You. Your will is best, and I yield to Your will.

JUNE 15, 2011

Message from the Lord




I was angry with the children of Israel for forty years. They wandered in the wilderness for forty years until those who rebelled against Me were removed. Do you understand anger? My anger comes due to a lack of obeying My orders, My commands. It is not as human emotion, where it’s in the flesh. My anger is shown by turning My face.


I am a Holy God. My commands must be followed by those who worship Me. Those who say they are Mine must show it by obeying My laws and decrees. One cannot say they are Mine when they don’t even obey My commands and show Me that they love Me from their heart. It’s all about the heart, not doing rituals to win My affection because that is not what I look at.


When I am angered, it brings a separation. Things were once one way, but now things have change that require a different set of covenant agreements as with the children of Israel. You see this. The promise I made to them when they left Egypt could no longer be fulfilled because that generation chose to rebel. They preferred the wilderness. They preferred to die in the wilderness than to perform My will. So, I allowed them to have what they wanted and moved the promise on to the next generation.


Yes, Susanna, I was angered by those who chose to rebel against Me. I have removed those who rebelled, not because I don’t like them, but I can’t allow sin to rule in the camp. This angers Me. Sin angers Me. When My people choose to purposely sin against Me, it angers Me because it brings a separation. Sin brings separation. Disobedience brings separation. I don’t want this in the camp, where people think they can do their own thing.


Do you see how people are? You can tell them over and over again to repent and turn away from their wicked way, yet they still will not repent unless I remove them or shift My covenant to the next group or the next generation.


You see, I never break My covenant. It is man who chooses not to walk in it. If I have all these plans for you, and you choose not to walk in it, it will be passed on because I want to fulfill My plan. I want to fulfill My covenant and bring My will to pass.


I never break My covenant. That implies that I would lie, and I cannot. I never lie. If I say I am going to do something, it will come to pass. Now, man gets in the way. For various reasons, man decides they do not want to walk in the destiny I have for them. Man decides this, and they show this when they rebel against Me. I give people opportunities to walk into their destiny, and yet some choose not to.


It’s not that My prophets lie. I am referring to My true prophets, those who are speaking My messages. When a prophet of God speaks a true Word, a true message from Me, there is weight in that message. My authority and power back up that message, where it is under My hand, and I have to bring those Words to pass because I am a covenant God. Those were My Words, to begin with, and I will use My power to perform whatever is necessary for My will to be done.


Now, why do I use prophets to do this when all My believers have My Spirit? It’s because I give prophets a license in the supernatural realm to bring things to pass just by speaking the Word, My message, however it is brought. They are My agents that I flow through to perform My will so that what I want will be manifested in the natural. They have been given the authority and My power to speak things into the atmosphere from one realm to another, from the unseen realm to the natural realm within a person’s life.


My weight and authority back up My prophet’s Words that are spoken on My authority. I give them Words to share with others so that there could be a connection, where what is in the spirit realm can manifest in the natural within that person’s life. It has always been this way. I have always spoken through My prophets. I show them what’s to come to pass.


It’s not that others do not know things as revealed by the Great Holy Spirit. We are referring to the gifts of the Spirit. It’s just that with prophets, I use them to speak things, to speak My will into the atmosphere so it can manifest. A person may operate in the gifts, but they do not have the authority to invoke Me to bring something to pass.


The prophet, on the other hand, is shown by My Spirit, My will, My intentions, My plan for a person’s life, and then at My command, they speak My Words, My message so that My will and plan will materialize and move from one realm, which is the unseen realm, to the realm of the natural. My authority and power back up a prophet’s words that I have given them and causes it (the message) to come to pass.


There is a great difference between one who prophesies versus one who walks in the office of the prophet. As you know, prophets are given various duties based on their level of authority. Not all prophets carry the same level of authority. Some prophets only govern or can speak words or carry out duties that cover a house, which is also known as a church.


Some prophets have duties that cover a city. They have authority to speak words and perform duties that affect a city. Some prophets cover a nation, where they are given authority to do My will over a nation. Some prophets have a greater authority, where I give them My power to speak words over nations. They cover nations, and with that comes a higher level of authority.


Prophets are officers in My Kingdom, and with this comes a great level of responsibility. They must be careful of what they say, of what comes out of their mouth, because their words can bring destruction to either side.


When a prophet speaks My Words, and the hearer chooses not to receive them, there is something that takes place in the spirit realm. It should be known that prophets are attached to the Words that they speak from Me unless they are released.


If one chooses not to believe a message from the Lord through one of My prophets, something has to take place in the supernatural realm to release the prophet from that Word. There is a decree or a declaration that is spoken by the prophet on My command that says to the supernatural realm that the hearer has chosen to reject a message from a prophet of the Lord Most High. Upon doing so, that prophet is no longer attached to that Word, to that message. There is a release in the supernatural realm that is felt by the prophet.


A prophet’s words are not just words: they bring My authority to cause things to manifest in someone’s life. I am referring to My prophets, those who speak My messages, and I am referring to My messages. I say it like this because even those prophets who are Mine can choose to speak messages out of their flesh. I will tell them what messages are Mine, but if a prophet of Mine chooses to turn away from Me, I cause them to have to resort to other ways to get their information.


If a prophet rebels against Me and disobeys My commands and speaks words that are not Mine, I have no other choice but to remove them from that position. Here’s where the problem lies: That prophet who once spoke My Words is no longer able to hear My will as before. I make it so that they cannot, and then they have to resort to demons if they want to continue to give an impression as if they are hearing from Me.


So how do you know when a prophet really speaks My Words? My authority and power will back up the words spoken by My prophet that will cause them to come to pass. This is just as with Samuel. Samuel was a mighty prophet. I was with him when he served over Israel.


I wanted people to hear My voice just as I do now, but even further than that, I want My will to manifest in the realm of the natural so that man can receive and walk in the purposes and plans I have for their lives.


Even when I speak to an individual directly, those words are binding because I cannot lie. It is the same as when I speak through My mouthpiece, through My prophet. If people understand this, why I still use prophets today, they will seek Me concerning a word they receive from one of My servants before rejecting it completely.


I have My servants in place. Even today, they are in place to bring My will from one plane to the next, from one realm to the next. This is order. This is how it’s always been, and this is My will.


JULY 7, 2011

Seersgate: What’s wrong with me, Father? Please do a “heart check” on me. I am not sure what’s bothering me.




Message from the Lord




You are tired of the form of godliness. You are tired of it. It is making you sick, where it makes you want to vomit. You are sensing what I am sensing—the lukewarmness that’s in the Church, that’s in the Body as a whole. I am tired of the lukewarmness, of the half-hearted service. You are getting a glimpse of it. You are sensing what I receive continually from My people.


There is so much more I want from My people, but are they at that place where they want Me more than things, more than man’s approval? Are My people there? Are they in this place of waiting on Me, of seeking My face? They don’t see that they make Me want to vomit them out of My mouth because they are too busy saying to themselves how good of a job they’re doing.


No one is seeking My face where it brings in a revolution of change. Who is hungry for Me? Who wants Me more than anything else? If My people would stop trying to blend in with the world and be separate unto Me, they would see so much clearer.


It’s not trying to be like the world that will bring in this great harvest. It is looking more like their Father that will bring in this harvest. It is having His Spirit fill them to overflow. It is clean hands and pure hearts. It is a life on fire for Me, sold out to Me doing whatever I lead them to do.


This is not an emotional leading but a Spirit-led leading. This is not settling: this is pursuing. This is coming after Me. This is longing for Me, for My presence, for My glory to fill this temple. This is a hunger that can only be filled by My great power, by My Spirit, says the Lord.


These are My Words, and I will back them up. Those who are hungry for the One True God: turn to Him. Seek His face with your whole heart. Offer Him a pure, pleasing sacrifice. Offer Him yourself, undying service to the King. Serve King Jesus with your whole heart. No more lukewarmness. No more form of godliness. Be filled with the real. Be filled with God’s great power.


God is great, and so is His power. The Spirit of God is here on this earth today, ready to set you free. Turn to Jesus, not to man. Turn to Jesus. Turn to Him, and He will set you free. Jesus is able and willing to set you free today. All you have to do is turn to Him. Turn to Jesus. Turn to Him today. Time is short, and Christ’s return is very soon.


Yahweh (cont.): Susanna, I want this message on the website today. Do not be afraid, Susanna. You think people will think you’re crazy because I keep saying Christ is coming back soon. Jesus is coming back soon. You are not crazy, and those are My Words.


Seersgate: Yes, Lord. I will do Your will.


Yahweh: Good, Susanna, and this is why you must know My voice so well that it wouldn’t matter what I say. It will not shake you because you know the Author. You know I cannot lie, and when you hear My voice, you will be able to receive any information, any message. Not only that, Susanna: no one will be able to shake you. You must believe all of the messages that I give you, and you will be able to do this because My faith will keep you. The level of faith I will impart into you will sustain you, enable you to endure any form of rejection by man because you will know you are in touch with Me, and I can never go back on My Word because I cannot lie. You must stay strong in the faith. You must never doubt. No matter what anyone tells you, if you have heard My voice, stand on what I have told you. Do not ever go against My Word to please man, Susanna. Never do that. Always trust in Me. I will never leave you. I will never fail you. Man will, but I will not.

JULY 13, 2011

Message from the Lord


Yahweh says:


Now you notice how a lot of Christians gather around other Christians, yet there is no impact; there is no change in the world. Why is that? It’s because people don’t understand they must go out and share this Good News about Jesus and not sit around and tell stories to other Christians of how they were delivered, of how they were set free. This is backward thinking.


Shouldn’t My people be out in the world telling the lost about My Good News, how Jesus came to this earth and died on a cross taking all the sin of all mankind upon Himself? Not just that: Jesus rose from the dead, and now He is alive forevermore. Not just that: all power has been given unto Jesus. There is no name greater. The name of Jesus. The name of Jesus. The name of Jesus. This name should be esteemed and lifted high, not taken lightly.


It is just a show. Are souls really coming in? Are there truly transformations? It’s all a show—Christians sitting around watching other Christians talk about themselves. Yes, they mention their testimony, but I truly see why certain ones are called, why certain ones are invited. If it didn’t matter, then they could call any Christian off the street who has been converted to share what I have done.


But this is not the case. It is to get a name, a title. It is to get ratings, to compete against each other. It is to tickle the ears of those who watch, of those who listen. Christians entertaining other Christians. Where are the souls? Are the souls coming in? Who is being fooled? I am not being fooled. This is not for Me. It’s just a show. It’s a form of godliness. There is no power. It’s all a show.


Go out into the hedges and highways and win souls for Me. Do not be ashamed of the Gospel, for it is power unto salvation for everyone who believes. Everyone who believes in Jesus and turns to Him will be saved. Those who turn to Jesus and receive Him as Lord and Savior will receive eternal life. This is the Good News: Jesus is alive, Jesus died and rose again, Jesus saves, Jesus is coming back.


There is no other name under heaven by which someone can be saved other than the name of Jesus. Jesus is the only Way to Heaven, to eternal life. There is no other way. All ways that man thinks of will not work. Jesus is the only Way. It’s time for My Church, for My Body, for My Bride to wake up. It is time for this great harvest to come forth, to come into the Kingdom, but My Body is not ready for what is about to take place. My Body is not ready; it is inward-focused.


It’s now time to look at the fields. They are ripe and ready to be harvested. The fields are ripe and ready for harvest. Wake up, Church! Wake up! There’s a work to be done. There’s a great work that’s coming. The fields are ripe. The fields are ready. It is time. It is time for the great harvest to come forth. It is time for the great harvest to come forth. It is time for the great harvest to come forth. Watch and wait. Be on your guard, for in the hour when you think not. Jesus is coming back soon. Be ready. Jesus is coming back soon.


Yahweh (cont.): Susanna, put this on the website tonight. You notice what I am doing. I am now calling forth this great harvest. It is time, Susanna. It is time. Take care of this tonight. We will talk about this later.

Seersgate: Yes, Lord.


AUGUST 22, 2011

Yahweh: I want you to share your heart with Me.

Seersgate: Oh, Lord, it is so hard reading John G. Lake’s book because the things that I read are so different than what I am used to hearing from You. Part of me can see why he said certain things based on how he preached off of a certain Scripture, yet he seems to ignore Your overall theme, so to speak, how You operate in general. He is saying it is always God’s will to heal. And that is Your nature, yet he is also saying that every sickness comes from the enemy, which is not scriptural. I am thinking right now concerning communion. Your Word says very plainly that if you take communion in an unworthy manner, where there is sin in your life, and your heart is not right, it could lead to sickness or even death itself. That tells me that the acts of a person can also bring sickness upon themselves, not Satan. People seem to casually blame the enemy for every sickness and disease and never want to know what the true cause could be. I also think about what You said about blessings and curses in the book of Deuteronomy. Those were conditional blessings, and if someone chose to turn away from You, they would receive the curses as mentioned in Scripture. I also think about how Satan approached Your throne, and You told him about Job and how he walked in integrity and served You with his whole heart, and Satan wanted to challenge that; and You allowed him to do so, where You gave Satan permission to take everything from Job but his life, just to show that this was a man who was truly in Your will, where he was innocent before You; for he never cursed You despite of losing it all but his life. Oh, Lord, it just seems that people will claim a particular promise, yet they are not willing to look at the conditions concerning that promise. It’s like the “name it and claim it” group, or those who choose to pull a Scripture out and say, “Yes, this is for me,” yet they don’t read the whole context concerning that Scripture; for quite a few Scriptures are indeed conditional, where it would say, “If you did this, you would receive this.” Oh, Lord, Your nature, actually thinking about Your nature, puts Your Word in a different light. We must see Your full will and not particularly what we are trained by the world, the church, or our family. We must truly rely on Your Spirit to show us what is taking place at that moment. This requires insight from the Great Holy Spirit. This requires Your wisdom, not pulling out a few Scriptures just to say this is automatically for me because it’s in the Word and I am a child of God.


Message from the Lord


Yahweh says:


Yes, Susanna. Yes. You are speaking with My wisdom even now, for I am revealing so much to you concerning My will concerning healing and My nature. Many think that if they have a Scripture, it’s automatically going to “work” for them. Now put “work” in quotes because My Word never fails; it is alive and active; it will come to pass.


Now here is where the problem lies: People will take a Scripture and say, “This is for me,” yet they will not allow Me to show what is the root cause of whatever they are experiencing. And this is why: What if I say there is sin or demons involved? What if there’s unforgiveness? What if someone has broken their will, where they made a vow to Me, then they didn’t keep that will, that promise?


What if they curse Me by the things they do or say or will in their lives, and yet they expect to receive so much of what I say is available? What if they believe they can live any sort of way and think they can “claim” My will for themselves? Yes, and the word “claim” is also in quotes. I am showing the way the church today operates. I am showing that people, as a whole, think My will is for them when there is more.


There is a true way to view My will as mentioned in Scripture: it is through the leading of My Spirit. It is by seeking My will for that moment. It is seeking My will, where you come before Me and ask Me what the root cause of a sickness, a disease, a church fallout, a dissension is. It is seeking My will for all things and not trying to use human wisdom to figure out what My will truly is.


Only My Spirit knows My true will in all things. Man has, for so long, gathered data from what others are doing or saying in their churches, in their meeting places instead of seeking My will for this moment. Why is that? It’s because man chooses to follow the way of what they think works. It is because man wants to please others just like them so that they can gain their following and be like those they try to impress.


Why can’t people look to Me to see My will, to see what I am doing for this moment, for this hour? This is what I long for—for those in My Body to come to Me and drink, and receive My will from My Spirit, says your God. Stop trying to do things that your will is driving. Allow My will to lead where you seek to know My will for this time, for this season.


Do not assume you know what I am looking for when you have your eyes on your neighbor in this movement. Focus your eyes, your heart, your will on what I am doing, what I am saying; for this is My will for you. My will is for you to look to Me for wisdom as to how to lead others, how to pray My will, how to minister. Don’t go on what you think works.


The Spirit of God searches the hearts of men. And what is His will for this hour? Seek God’s will.


Yahweh (cont.): Yes, Susanna, this is another message. Send this also to your leaders. We will add this as an excerpt as well.


Seersgate: Yes, Lord.

AUGUST 23, 2011

Seersgate: Lord, there is something on my mind.


Yahweh: Let’s talk about it, Susanna.


Seersgate: I was reading Job, and while I was reading this Book, I thought about Your nature, and I also thought about how people view You. Some look at Jesus in the Old Testament as being one way and look at Jesus in the New Testament as being another. I say it like this because most people don’t realize that the God throughout the Old Testament is the same God of the New Testament. Some think Jehovah is a mean God, while they believe Jesus is a loving God who accepts all things. People use the grace factor and think that they can sin as much as they want and be covered under grace, not realizing that there are still consequences to sin, including curses and disease, as well as separation from You. Yet people should see that God the Father, God the Son, who is called Jesus, and the Great Holy Spirit are One. There is only one God, and God says He never changes. People don’t like You, Lord, when they read about You in the Old Testament, but they like You as You appear in the New Testament. People think that the Old Testament and the God of it no longer exist or are in effect. They are so focused on grace and God’s love that they fail to see other parts of Your nature, where You are Holy, Just, Righteous, and sin cannot be in Your great presence. If people embrace the plan that You are the same God, the One True God who is in both the Old and the New Testament of Scripture, they would see that You encompass all things, and You are the same throughout, where You never change, and You will never compromise Your nature to please humans.



Message from the Lord




Susanna, this is indeed how people think of Me. Again, you are being shown a deeper revelation of how man thinks, how they view Me as a whole. They try to separate God and make two Gods—one for the Old Testament and one for the New, yet I am the same God. I never change. My love was just as great in the Old Testament as in the New, but people do not see it this way. They don’t realize that I AM.


Jesus is I AM, and I AM was with Moses at the burning bush when Moses was called to return to Egypt to deliver the people of Israel out of bondage. Jesus said in the Book of John that He is I AM. Jesus is the same God. This same God is the One who met Joshua as the Great Commander of Heaven’s armies. This same God is the One who spoke all of creation into existence.


This is the same God who will return and judge all. And once all have been placed in order, where death has been destroyed, Jesus will give the authority that He received from His Father back to God the Father. And this is also mentioned throughout. God exalted His Son Jesus so that His name would be the highest, and every knee, every power, every spirit would bow their knee to that name, to Jesus, because all things are under Jesus.


There is no name greater, and there is no one who has more authority and power than the Great I AM. This is where people ought to study My nature throughout Scripture. I came not to destroy the Law. I came to fulfill it. I didn’t come to get rid of what the prophets spoke in Scripture. I came and fulfilled it because many spoke of what I would bring to pass by My coming, My death, and My resurrection.


And soon, more will be fulfilled when I return the second time as conquering King. Yes, I am King, and people must see that I have always been King, even in the Old Testament, when My people wanted an earthly king and rejected Me. It didn’t change My nature because they rejected Me as their King, just as nothing will change who I am today because people only want to see My love. It doesn’t change who I am.


Nothing will change My overall nature, nor will anything change My will. And this is why people must stop viewing Me the way they want by looking at parts of My nature. They must embrace My total will and nature, where they see that the God of the Old Testament is the same God of the New.


And this same God is here on Earth today. Yes, the Great Holy Spirit is this same God of the Bible. He is the Spirit of Christ, and He speaks His will on the earth today to let all know what His will is so they may drink of Me and follow Me with their whole heart.



Yahweh (cont.): This is a very powerful message, Susanna. And you see what we are doing. Our lessons, so to speak, on My nature are building, and we are sharing these with the “family” as well. It’s because I want us all to move as one in this great movement. After you are ready to begin your work, this is first, a priority and must go out. Go ahead and do what you need to do, and we will take care of this.        


Seersgate: Yes, Lord. Thank You. This is amazing. Thank You, Lord.


Yahweh: We will do the same as we did with the other. Message, then excerpt, then mail out.


Seersgate: Yes, Lord.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2011

Seersgate: Lord, I was reading about King Hezekiah, how he was sick, and You sent the prophet Isaiah to him to tell him he will surely die. Then King Hezekiah cried out to You with tears, saying how he served You and for You to remember this—that he was always faithful to You. Then You sent the prophet Isaiah back to him and told him he would live, that You would add fifteen more years to Hezekiah’s life. And the sign was this: the sundial went back ten steps. There was a sign that accompanied Your Word, Your will, concerning the message for King Hezekiah to live, even though You gave a death sentence right before that. This shows that You can give a death sentence and then change it based on the response from the hearer. But as in the case of the children of Israel, their hearts were not right before You, and they rebelled against You when they chose not to do Your will. So, they received a death sentence. But this death sentence was set in place, where You were not going to change Your mind. There is a difference. The heart is truly a major factor, and rebellion is dangerous in this work and anyone’s heart where they choose to turn their face against You. But You are faithful to Your Word, and You proved that Your will, will come to pass by giving a sign.




Message from the Lord


Yahweh says:


Yes, Susanna, I always back up My will, My Word. I always will produce a sign showing something is My will. Even with Jesus, when you saw in your reading of His will when He chose to do My will, I produced a sign for all to see. And that sign was when I rose Him from the dead.


The sign that all He spoke of was true was His death and resurrection. That was a great sign for Jesus to rise from death and to live forevermore—the Firstborn from the dead—the First to lead others who are once dead, to live forever in Christ Jesus.


The Messiah is alive, and the sign of this was raising Him from the dead. And He was seen by His disciples, a large crowd, and others. Some didn’t recognize Him when they saw Him until their eyes were opened. Some watched Him eat and drink, yet they thought it was just a vision, where a spirit stood before them. Their eyes were opened to see, yet some didn’t believe until they saw the nail prints in His hands and felt the wound on His side.


What would it take for those today to believe this movement is My will, that I am with you, and that I would do all I have spoken? What would it take? A miraculous sign that cannot be explained away. Just as this great movement will be filled with supernatural signs and wonders, your body itself will be the great sign that this is My will.


And all will see and marvel at such a wonder, for no human is filled, where they reflect Me in this way, where they glow with My great power, presence, and glory. No one else will move in this power on such a level. The world will see this and believe.


Those who are religious will dig their heels in deeper, where they say they will not embrace My will, even though I will prove to all the world, both those in the Church and those who are in this earth who do not know My way. I will prove to all that I am with you. You will move in the will of God, where you move in His great power. There will be no way to deny I am with you, yet people will choose to remain where they are.


A great harvest will come in based on seeing My hand move throughout the earth. Yet at the same time, those who are away from Me who were once Mine will either embrace My will or fall away, where they choose Satan’s will. Some will die, where they fall away and die twice. Some will be able to stand because they will do My will and turn to Me.


My will is to do My Father’s will, and yours is to drink from Me and do the will of My Father who sent Me. Your will is to do My Father’s will and serve Him, where you do His will and win many souls. Those who do not understand must turn to Me and drink from Me, where they seek My will and not to do their own will.


They must turn to Me, not to their body or their ministry, where they rely on their human knowledge. They must come and drink from Me. Those who seek My will, they will indeed receive insight from Me concerning My will.


My Father and I are One, and the Great Holy Spirit is one with Us, where We do one will. We do not plan against each other. I do whatever My Father gives Me to do. The Spirit of God gives what He hears to all those who will receive. This is My will that all would turn to Me and drink from Me and live. Whatever the Father speaks, that is My will, to do His will.


Even now, the will that we must do is do the will of My Father in Heaven. A great sign will prove to all the earth that this movement is My Father’s will, for I will move in it, where I fill it with My great power. And the world will know that there is one God—One True God, Creator of Heaven and Earth.

—King Jesus


Yahweh (cont.): Susanna, this is a message to go on the website today. Also, send this to those on your team. Let’s continue. Susanna, there are many things I will give you to say to others you will not understand. It is important that you follow My will and deliver My messages to those I give them to. This is My will, for I know the true motive in someone’s heart. I know those who will drink from Me and those who will not. I know. I see what lies in the future. I knew that Hezekiah would turn his face towards Me and weep, where he cried out for My will to turn, where he would do this. What if I wanted him to do this, where he sought My will and turned his face towards Me to truly see that I am his God? What if I wanted that, where I brought a death sentence and then turned it, just so My will would be plain before him, where he would do My will so that My will would be carried out in the nation as a whole? If he didn’t receive a death sentence from Me that in turn led him to seek My will, would he have seen that I am God All-Powerful, able to send him great help in the time of great need? The death sentence led him to drink from Me, where he turned his face towards Me, seeking My will to be changed, where I remembered his faithfulness towards Me. I did. And I caused him to lead those in his kingdom to seek My will. I gave him a supernatural sign letting him know I was with him. I healed his body, and I delivered him and his nation from the hands of his enemy. I did this to show My great power. I wanted him to see that there is a God who is All-Powerful and that My will would surely come to pass. Both spoken from Isaiah were My will. Isaiah didn’t lie when he delivered the death sentence, for surely, My will was to take Hezekiah through this sickness. But then, when Hezekiah sought My will, where he turned his face towards Me, I sent a will to override the will for him to die in My death sentence for his life, where he would surely live. I rewrote My will for him to live and not die. This shows My will moves with those who embrace Me. This is where people do not understand My will and My nature. They would think they could do their own will and rebel against My will as the children of Israel, but no, I will not honor their will because My will had to be done at all costs, where the children of Israel entered and embraced this new land. My will was for My nation to defeat their enemy, and I wanted the king to see that it would be My doing, where I would bring a great victory over the enemy. It is always best for one to seek My will and drink from Me. No one knows My ultimate will, where I would move to obtain My will throughout the earth. No one knows how I will do this, where I will bring in a great harvest from mostly using supernatural beings, but I will. This is a supernatural war where I don’t need a large group of humans doing this great movement to bring this to pass, where there is a great gathering of souls. Even with just one vessel, one human vessel backed by My great power can do great damage in the kingdom of darkness. It is because it will be done by My Spirit, by My great power, not by human strength and wisdom. I defeated the Assyrians for Hezekiah in the middle of the night when I slew his great army. My people didn’t have to fight in the natural because I did it in the supernatural. All I needed was for them to embrace My will and turn to Me to show that they could make this great war only by My hand moving, by My great power. This is what I am doing now. And this is why I am not allowing certain groups to join in, in this great work. It is because they will think it is by their hand that the battle is won. They will think it is because they have great numbers that the harvest is coming in. They will take credit for My strength when they should praise Me for My hand moving throughout the earth. People will marvel, for they will not understand how this great work can come to pass with such little human backing. It is because it will be done with My great power, by My Spirit says the Lord. My Spirit will do great wonders throughout the earth. And many will see, where their eyes are opened. And they will do this, where they want to be joined in. Some will want to join for their wicked gain. Some will join in because they will be chosen for My will to take place within themselves. Do you see? It will not be because you have a great number of humans working with you to move this great movement forward. It will move onward by My great power. And no demon is greater than My Spirit, says the Lord your God, the One True God, Creator of Heaven and earth. I am with you. You have been sensing more of Me lately. Be prepared to move even closer. Be prepared for this to take place very soon. This is an excerpt, Susanna. I want all to know My will, My plan for this hour. My will, will surely come to pass. Do this today, Susanna, where you list this on your website and send this to those on your team.


Seersgate: Yes, Lord. I will send the team the excerpt and the message, as well as publish both to the websites.


Yahweh: Good, Susanna. That is My will.

OCTOBER 3, 2011

Message from the Lord


Yahweh says:


Susanna, I came to preach the Kingdom, not the Law. My will was to do My Father’s will, and His will was to see the Kingdom come down to the earth. The only way for people to see this Kingdom of God is to be born again, and the only way to be born again is by the Spirit of God. This takes place where a person enters the Kingdom by believing in the One God sent down from Heaven.


I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. All must come through Jesus to receive eternal life. The way has been made for people to be reconciled back to the Father; it is through Jesus.


When one receives Jesus as Lord and Savior, a new birth takes place within that individual, and they become a part of God’s family. They are then adopted into the family of God, where they become a citizen of Heaven and a member of the Body of Christ.


There is no other way to receive eternal life. Keeping the Law will not make one attain eternal life. The Law came through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.


People must truly see what I came to do, as mentioned in Luke 4, where they realize that what I did was truly Kingdom-based, not Law-based. If one tries to keep the Law, one will always fail to attain this because once one breaks even one part of the Law, they are guilty of breaking all of it.


So why would I come if the Law was perfect? I wanted people to see that they could not reach the Father through rituals. Relationship must be established.


True reconciliation takes place when one believes in Jesus and takes His free gift of salvation. There is no other name given under Heaven by which one is saved. Jesus came to this earth to establish a new way of living, and it is by grace and truth.


This doesn’t mean that since there is grace, one is allowed to continually sin. No, this is not so. Grace covers, where one is not able to stand where they walk in no sin through keeping the Law.


If one truly sees, they will see that the foundation to keeping all the Law is to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love their neighbor as themselves. It is truly a matter of the heart, not keeping rituals or trying to keep the Law on one’s own strength; because once you receive Jesus and love God above all other lowercase gods, His power will enable you to keep the Law.


I came and brought a higher standard of living, where one doesn’t even have to perform the sin to be guilty of committing the sin. I look at the heart, and those who say they can tell a person’s true heart by outward signs don’t see that they are looking to rituals or a form, where they expect another to show what they believe is necessary to truly reveal what’s going on inside that individual.


One cannot know the heart of another unless I reveal it, and to go by the outer reaction to an inward change is not to be Spirit-led. Outer signs usually stem from emotion, a form of an overwhelming reaction to what takes place within. A true heart change will cause one to be transformed where they live according to My will.


The Spirit of God living in a person will enable a person to stand, and change will come through embracing what I lay before them, whether it is in My written Word or whether I reveal it by My Spirit. If one tries to live a good life by obeying the Law, one will always try to attain perfection through works.


They should truly focus on living a life that is holy and pleasing to Me, where they have clean hands and pure hearts before Me, not lip service, not rituals. I want worship in spirit and in truth. One cannot truly worship the Father without the Spirit of God dwelling within.


At the same time, God requires clean hands and pure hearts, where one comes before Him, where they are willing to love Him above all others, where they place God as Lord of their lives, where He rules and reigns. Loving God, above all others, will truly keep the person’s perspective on God and His will, not on others to see if they are living by the Law.


My Kingdom is truly supernatural. Even to be born again requires faith, which cannot be seen. The Kingdom is here now, and I want those who are in this Kingdom to see that the benefits of the Kingdom of God are truly available now. It doesn’t mean that there will not be sin, where a person is affected by living in a fallen world. No, this is not so.


But what is wonderful news: I came to this earth to give eternal life to all who believe in Me, and this eternal life begins now for those who are truly Mine. One doesn’t have to wait to leave this world to experience My kind of life. One doesn’t have to wait to leave this world to receive all that is available in the Kingdom of God.


This is the Father’s will that all may live, but life comes through Jesus Christ, not through trying to maintain a level of perfection through obeying the Law. With God’s help, one is able to live a life that is holy and pleasing. God’s power is truly great, and with such great power, one can truly keep God’s Law by loving God.


Through this love that is pure, one is able to do God’s will as they release their will, where they say, “God, You lead me. You lead every part of my life.” There is a release of man’s will and an embrace of God’s will. I came so that all may live.


The Law came through Moses, and I brought grace and truth. Not to give those who are Mine a free way to sin continually. No. My grace enables one to be free from the rituals of trying to get to God, where they come and worship Him as the Father truly desires.


God is Spirit, and those that worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth. This is new for many, for they do not want to admit that My Spirit is here today. But My Spirit truly is here on the earth, living and abiding in those who belong to My Father.


The Kingdom of God is a supernatural Kingdom. One can experience so much more in Christ when they see that I came to give life and life in all its fullness. It requires being led by the Spirit of God. One cannot be led by God if one chooses not to receive His Spirit. Those who say God’s Spirit is not here on this earth do not realize that they are trying to commune with God through fleshly ways.


Faith in itself is truly supernatural, but it is shown by works. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. Faith comes by hearing My will through My Word. And this will is made clear to those who will truly seek My will by My Spirit, where they listen to My voice and heed My commands given by My Spirit. I lead all those in My Father’s Kingdom, where they hear My voice and follow Me.


My sheep truly will hear My voice and listen to My will. This requires seeking and listening. This requires asking and knocking. This requires drinking, where one comes to Me and drinks My will and knows what I want for their lives by My Spirit. This is truly supernatural, not living by trying to maintain the Law by works.


Relationship with God is a supernatural form, where one cannot do this without the Spirit of God living within. And this supernatural abiding comes through receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior of one’s heart and life.


My Kingdom is truly a supernatural Kingdom, and it is time for those who are citizens of the Kingdom of God, where Heaven is their home, to walk in the fullness of God’s will while here on the earth.


The Father desires for all to receive eternal life, and this eternal life comes through Jesus. I am He. I am this same Jesus who came to this earth to bring a way for man to once again have fellowship with the Father. This is God’s will that relationship is restored, and now it truly can be. This gift is available to all those who truly believe in Jesus so that they can live.


Come to Me and drink. As the Scriptures truly say, “Out of your heart will flow rivers of living water.” The heart is what I look at, not your ways of trying to reach a holy and perfect God. Give Me your will, where you truly surrender to My will and say, “Lord, here I am. Take me and wash me in Your blood, where I am clean. Purify My heart before You so I can truly love with Your love and give You true worship, worship You deserve.”


This is God’s will that you will love God, and your love received from God will enable you to keep My will, where you stand before Me with clean hands and a pure heart. Drink from Me. Drink. I am here. My Spirit is here. The Father is here. For those who live for Me, where they love Me and do My will, We will live within, where We make Our home within that person.


This is truly supernatural. God’s way is too high of a standard to maintain with human strength. One must be enabled through the Spirit, where Jesus comes to live within. Come and drink. Eat of Me and live forever.


My way is My Father’s will. I am He who is returning. Be ready, for in the hour that you think not. Be ready. Live a life that is holy and pleasing to God. Give Him your heart, where you truly say, “Jesus is Lord.”