I Hate Being a Prophet - Seersgate


Scheduled release this February 2023. Please see the excerpts below.


March 3, 2022

Early Morning


Yahweh says it:


I will torment the ones that move into mocking a real message. How will they know that a message is from the Lord? Surely, shouldn’t it come to pass? Of course, I can give a new plan overruling an old plan, but the active plan, message, and will of the Lord will surely come to the surface.


There is a person on a social media platform who will surely take his time to bring a heavy mocking against what I have given you. There is no plan for debating. You must only say what Yahweh says, even on pain of being called the greatest heretic of all the Christian era. Why would they say it? The data will all point against you.


A Christian in many settings will not deal with spirit engagement. That alone will ban you from many churches. Women hold no governing plan within some churches. Note that Scripture doesn’t withhold women leading.


My servant Paul struggled with women in a governing plan and held a dogmatic Pharisee approach. You note that Paul said that he received his blessing to place women in a lower setting from My hand. I will state that I could not take away free will, and to work with him would require giving and taking, just as with Moses. Both had personal flaws, but I worked around them, knowing that a Church era would not be the final world way in Kingdom ruling.


The Kingdom yields both men, women, in young form and aged, to govern and be filled with the Spirit of the Living God. I will push Kingdom order and bring women into a governing ruling plan just as with the judges of old.


And that is why you are trained as a prophet of old. We could not give you this level of work in the current era. And it’s not that there aren’t a lot of good Christian men, and I needed a woman for the world sphere work. I needed a person who was born a woman so that you would not be confused as the antichrist.


How can any believe you? Not with words. There now needs to be great sign gifts.


I will bring him great torment from My hand with using demons and will make him think about your way day and night. And not a lusting plan, but a “what did Yahweh give her to do?”


March 3, 2022

12:32 p.m.


Yahweh says what went wrong:


Servant, you now see a clearer way.


Ma____ is not a power way of being ready for the work. He is now needing to be responsible for a great crowd; however, he is not ready for that level of delegated governing. And you can see it in his one-person debates. He does not like speaking at his enemy’s place, but he will say throughout his work that he is in the right. A wounded person holds that level of work, still needing validation.


But how are you moving forward? You can see a real point, how the way doesn’t make sense. How can you be a real Kingdom worker if there is no way of a following? You are fully aware that I have the ability to hide you. I gave you a little taste of a following, and you were able to get defensive with someone who called you a certain name. The following was no more than four thousand, but you struggled to handle that level of crowd. See what I want to move forward? There will be a great turning to take a look at you, and there will be no way to turn it off, the surging.


See it; they will mock your way. They will say you are the greatest heretic. They will say that you will burn in Hell for saying you speak scripts from My lips. Can you deal with that? Or will you go and use social media as a way to give Me a back placing? There is only one platform, and that’s where Yahweh gets the glory. You are only to say teachings and My will. That is real. I will bring the way and give you a platform so they will drink you. And there will be submission. I will let you leave here. It’s time to do tester videos.