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The Inner Workings of the Hell and into the Lake of Fire

Yahweh is leading:


You know this person that you see burning in the lake of fire. They are unrecognizable, so, how can you know? How can you know them, who they are? Yahweh reveals these details. Share what I give you. Let no one halt the work. My judgment will come quickly on those who try to hold back what I give. The time is now here. Speak all that Yahweh says.

Please see excerpt below.


Journal Entry Given Before the Year 2013


How will God cause a major earth-shaking change in the earth, in a major war and battles that are of spiritual movings in the earth, to save us?




Lord, may I ask You how You feel about this person who chose not to embrace Your will with the message that was delivered? Am I embracing Your will, or am I taking it personally?


Great Holy Spirit:


Share your heart.




I was offended because she doesn’t believe You are with me. I almost want to prove that I am not a false prophet, that I am hearing Your will. I know You are with me, and it is very frustrating and makes me angry that no one believes that You are with me. To imply that I do not hear from You bothers me. It’s as if she thinks I am filled with demons.


Oh, Lord, I am so sorry. They did that to You when they said that You had a demon in You. Please show me Your heart, how I should look at this, so I don’t hold a grudge or offense. I don’t know if that is in my heart, but I feel as if You were dishonored as well because You are the One who was doing the work, where it is Your message and Your will.

Great Holy Spirit:


That is what you should see. It is not you who was dishonored; I was. Susanna, you are just a messenger sent by God to proclaim His will throughout the earth. It is not you who was being dishonored; it was the Spirit of the Living God. When you go out to declare My will, know that it is My Spirit that is doing the work. It is My will. It is My work that is rejected. It is My message, not yours. You are just a messenger sent to deliver the will of My Father in Heaven. Never look at this as you being rejected. It is I. I am the One who is rejected.


But this time, she dishonored My great name by implying that you are not being led by My Spirit. If you are not led by My Spirit, what spirit would be leading you? She took My work as work being done by demons. And yes, it’s as those who were against Me when I was on the earth. They said I was moving in the gifts through the help of demons. They dishonored My Father.


This is a different form of rejection. With this, she has dishonored the Spirit of God by saying the work that I gave you to do was being led by demons. Embrace what I am saying. When one chooses not to believe a message from the Lord, they are in rebellion. They are not embracing the will of God. They cannot move forward in My will unless they turn their face and seek the will of God.


For some, I have removed My will so that they could not fully reach all that I have promised. It is because they would not believe My message. They would not embrace the will of My Father so that they could go to the place I have called them to.


What if someone says that My work is the work of demons? What if they blaspheme against the will of God and say that what the Spirit is doing is not of God, that it is led by demons? What would bring forgiveness when they choose to say in their heart that what is being done is not from God? What then? How can I do the will of My Father in that person’s life when they say it is not the will of God being done? Should I allow them to move forward in all that I have promised in their lives when they profaned My will and spoken against Me? Should I anoint them? Should I?




Your will is perfect. You are God, and no one should profane Your name and receive the pleasures of Your nature and great power. But I am only human and understand with limited knowledge. Your will is law and must be followed at all costs. Please reveal Your will, even now.


Great Holy Spirit:


Find your notes on blaspheming My Spirit, Susanna.




(Reviewed personal entry dated September 17, 2010)


Great Holy Spirit:


Isn’t that what she did? She took My work and said it was of demons. That is why she did not want you to lay hands on her. But she will see that this movement is truly the will of the Father. Should I have you lay hands on her? No. I do not want you to impart My nature, presence, and great power into her body, into her heart and will. Yes, My great power is able to transform to that degree.


When she sees that this is the will of the Father, she will want to embrace this, but I do not want you to lay hands on her, ever. Do you see the difference? Saying My work is the work of Satan is blaspheming the Holy Spirit. I do not want you to ever impart into her heart, will, or any part of her life ever again, where you go to lay hands on her in any way, shape, or form.


Yes, she will notice that something has changed due to this will not being embraced, but she will not know what until this great power comes. Do not lay hands on her, ever. I mean this where I will not change My will. Her heart is only for Me to know in this.


It is because of her influence from her previous covering. They do not embrace My will in this at all. But her way and her previous place, where she was under their house, will not be able to join in this great work at all, where they receive a direct filter of My great power, nature, and so much more.


Yes, things have changed, and I will not tolerate those who are against you because they are truly against Me when you do the will of My Father. Think about this: Someone would merely speak against a prophet of Mine, and I would defend them. But this time, she spoke against the Spirit of God and said with her heart that the work you are doing in My name is not of God, where it is all of demons.




I’ve always thought that blaspheming cannot be done by a Christian, but now just saying that does not make sense—because anyone can turn away from doing Your will. I guess I am trying to grasp the eternal weight of this. Most believers would have other believers lay hands on them and pray for them. For her to be so against this shows that this was in her heart before I came to the church to deliver Your will. It was already in her heart, where she believed I was not doing Your will because I was not under a house.


Great Holy Spirit:


Now you see. The root is in her heart. And she received her influence from those she was previously under. Her heart was already in the place where she did not believe you were doing the will of God. But then it went to this place where she spoke against My Spirit and said with her heart that My work was the work of demons. Only I know where she will be for eternity. My Word makes it clear that this sin will not be forgiven.


God’s Scripture says:


Mark 3:28-30 NCV:


(28) “I tell you the truth, all sins that people do and all the things people say against God can be forgiven. (29) But anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; he is guilty of a sin that continues forever.” (30) Jesus said this because the teachers of the law said that He had an evil spirit inside Him.


Great Holy Spirit says:


Understand this. Her heart was already there. It’s not that when you came to see her that she felt uncomfortable. No, that is not so. She thought before that that you were not being led by My Spirit. Then in her heart, she chose to embrace her own will and say that you were being led by demons, not by My Spirit. And from this, she has spoken against Me and has said that the work that I am doing through you is not the will of My Father but saying that it is being done by the help of demons.


There will be some you will meet who will feel uncomfortable, but they are truly this way. For this person, her heart was turned, where she did not believe that you were being led by My Spirit and thought that you are filled with demons, doing the work of demons. You understand this. She said she was uncomfortable. That is not the root of her heart. That was just a statement.


She has been greatly influenced to get to this place where she has blasphemed against Me, against My will, My great power, My Spirit. It did not happen when you first showed up to deliver My will. It was already in her heart, where she believed you were not doing the will of My Father. So, those who are truly not comfortable, you will know. I will show you those who are just afraid, where they are not sure what to think concerning the will of the Father. You will know the difference. And you are beginning to see this, even this day.


Embrace My will in all of what I have spoken. She had many chances to embrace the will of My Father, yet her influence was too strong, where she is deeply connected. It does not happen over a meeting; it is truly a heart issue, just as with Judas. Even before he betrayed Me, he had deep-rooted heart issues, and then he gave his will over to the enemy so that Scripture would be fulfilled.


I will let you know. I will keep you. Keep drinking the will of My Father. Keep seeking. I will keep you. Do not be afraid. Keep the right perspective.




I understand. She had many opportunities to embrace Your will, but her previous place of covering was too much of an influence over her, and she chose not to believe this. You gave her many opportunities. I understand. It’s not that she felt uncomfortable. No, it was in her heart.


Your will be done, Father. You are God. I was gossiped about. I understand that but who isn’t? I expect that, with so many opposing what You have given Me to do, where they do not receive Your will in Your messages.


But it’s different when they say the work You are doing is being done by demons. This reminds me of what You said, how I will see with my own eyes, people fall away from the faith.


Great Holy Spirit:


Yes, Susanna. Those who were once close to Me, they will embrace their own will, where they turn from Me. They will no longer be Mine.



I understand, Lord. I guess it just looks different when it’s one who was so close to doing Your will. It looks different when you know of this person, where you once fellowshipped with them, ministering the will of God to others.


Great Holy Spirit:


You understand, Susanna. You understand. You had to embrace My will so that you could go to the place in Me. You will see a great falling from the faith. You will see this with your own eyes. You will also see a great harvest of souls come into the Kingdom. You will truly see this. And this is the will of My Father, where this great harvest of souls comes into the Kingdom of God.


Great Holy Spirit (cont.):


What you were given in this week’s letter will take a moving to make it clear in the way to move in Me. People must see. They have to truly seek the will from the Great King Jesus in the plan to drink in the full way. The human way is different from the Spirit, that is, the Holy Spirit. Those who would think they move with Me must make sure they can truly hear what the Spirit says to the way they move in their whole body, soul, and all parts.


There is coming a great flood of the Spirit in the earth to bring a shifting, reorder to the realms and regions so that they will turn to the Great King Jesus for their whole way.


The work of Rain is not a new religion. The Rain Movement is: learning to be Kingdom citizens in the earth, representing the Kingdom of the Great Jehovah in the earth so that the people will drink it in earthly details.


The Kingdom is here even this day, and it is the will to give in the way of the nations, worldwide. What causes one to move in saying within that the way they see this Kingdom way is from Satan? Has God not made clear His will concerning this Kingdom work of Rain? It truly is the will in these details to bring a way for nations to drink the Good News of King Jesus in all that they move to do.


That is what Rain is called to in this day—to preach the Kingdom of the Great King Jesus, as well as prepare the world for His return. No one will be able to speak a way contrary unless they were moving against it. But what is most important? Make sure you move in the will of the Great Holy Spirit. It is the same will that is given to the way in the plan given by the Great King Jesus.


People must look to the Great King Jesus to know this will, for it is revealed and made known in the earth. Get ready for the way to be fully in the way of being seen in natural details. Surely the Great God Jehovah will speak the will He would bring, and the world will surely see it move into the natural.


People: Look to getting insight in the way, but look only to drink wisdom that is given in the will from the Great Holy Spirit. A Kingdom that is in the earth, even this day.


Drink, but not the human plan and will. Drink, but not what the critics would speak. Drink, but only using the plan given through the will as the Great Holy Spirit would lead. It is here, even this day. The Kingdom of God is within every true believer in Christ King Jesus.


It is the plan of the Great King to show the Kingdom, in demonstration, as in the days of the First Church in the Acts of the Apostles. Don’t think that the gifts no longer exist. God will surely move the way He would lead. He still has His servants in the earth; they are moving into position. The nations will see that there is only one God, and His name is King Jesus the Christ, the Son of the Living God.


Jesus is the only way to Heaven. Jesus is the True King of all in the way in this creation. Jesus is the Savior who died for all mankind, who rose from the dead and is now seated in great power with His Father in Heaven.


This Great King Jesus will return to this earth to rule and reign in His Kingdom that will be established through a way the nations will come and drink it. King Jesus is Lord. Now you know that this Spirit who speaks is in the will of the Great King.