Meetings with Yahweh (Vol1) - Seersgate

A Meeting of Councils

Something new is coming. It's time for the servant to begin world-level mantle training. You can learn about her mantle markers at Seersgate. But right here at I Write Scripture, the new way stems from meetings with Yahweh. The conversations with King Jesus will continue. 


Along with this way of journals, there will also be meetings that resemble meetings in a council. We will set up a podcast channel for those who would like to drink from this level of surging in audio form, not so that you receive training to hear but so that you can listen to what Yahweh has to say today. The introductory book is already coming forward.


Stain Glass Windows


Our Site for Prophet Training

Seersgate is a modern-day prophet of old who carries a power surging laced with quick judgment. Read more about Seersgate here:

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- At Seersgate - 


These are conversations and experiential learning sessions as given by Yahweh to a servant during seasons of novice prophet training.


- At Seersgate - 


Yahweh provides teachings and equipping notes to build up His Church kingdom culture. These notes are not all-inclusive. Please seek Yahweh to bring His Kingdom into your daily living.